BUMP REPORT – 36 Weeks

36weekswatermelonPREGNANCY WEEK 36

Ok, how crazy is this?!?  36 weeks pregnant, is this for REAL?!  Check out the count-down-ticker on the side bar of my blog…it should read how many DAYS are left now, instead of months.  Today it shows 29 days left.  Whoa.  I think that Eric and I are realizing just how quickly our due date is approaching.  We are getting the final touches on the nursery done, buying items off our registry and momma is even starting to do a bit of nesting!  36 weeks means baby girl could be here anytime.  Now we are fully hoping for a full term baby (give us at LEAST 2 weeks, baby girl!).  But honestly she could make her appearance at any time.  We can’t wait to meet that little gal!!!


I realized that today (September 9th) marks 6 years since Eric proposed to me.  I am so happy that I said yes!  I love him more and more with every day that passes.  I just can’t wait to watch him transition into his new role as daddy.  I think I love him now, but I can only imagine how much MORE I will love him when I watch him as a daddy to our baby girl.  So excited for that.  Look at HOW YOUNG we looked on September 9, 2007:


My age: 27

How far along: 36 weeks (LESS than a month)

How big is baby: the size of a watermelon.  She is approximately 19 inches long and weighs 6 pounds.

What have you been up to: Since last week’s post I have traveled MANY miles.  We drove from Florida to Colorado in a mere two days, and I was amazed at how well the trip went!  On Wednesday we logged 17.5 hours from start to finish, driving from Cape Canaveral, Florida to Dallas, Texas.  Thursday we logged 13.5 hours from start to finish, driving from Dallas, Texas to Denver, Colorado.  Both days went flawlessly!!  Eric and I enjoyed driving along the coast and seeing some new scenery.  We had a bulletproof system: we alternated on 3 hour shifts of driving with walking breaks between shifts.  My feet swelled only slightly and I felt great throughout the entire trip.



Since getting home, we have gotten together with friends, spent time in the nursery getting organized, purchased several baby items (glider rocking chair, video baby monitor, etc), gone to church and cleaned our house.  It feels so nice to get home and start final baby preparations.

I had my 36 week doctor check up today.  Everything is looking good, but there was one slight area of concern.  The nurse practitioner saw me at the appointment today, and she questioned my slight weight loss (I lost a few pounds in Florida and then have stayed the same weight for about a month).  As of right now, my total weight gain is 23 pounds, and she was wondering why I have not been gaining (and even lost a bit).  I explained that my eating habits have been super healthy (avoiding all processed/junk foods and all desserts/sweets).  Upon the explanation, she was very understanding and seemed to be fine with that.  Aside from the weight issue, she was also just slightly concerned with my fundal height measurement.  I measured at 34-35 cm, which is the same as my previous measurement from my last doctor visit a few weeks ago.  Just to double check on baby’s growth, she ordered an ultrasound for Wednesday morning.  She said there is no reason to stress or be concerned since at my 33 week ultrasound the baby was measuring right on track.  The NP said my fundal height might be based on baby’s positioning since she is so squished in there.

At first I felt slightly worried and stressed, but after talking with my sister, I know that everything is just fine.  She has 3 kids, and with all 3 of her pregnancies she gained most of her weight in the 2nd trimester.  Her 3rd trimesters is where her weight gain slowed down and she said there was some weight loss that occurred for her too.  As far as fundal height goes, she also measured on the smaller side with her pregnancies too.  All of her babies were born at healthy weights with no problems.  Sounds like she and I have had similar experiences.  So I will just NOT stress about this and be EXCITED for another opportunity to see my little girl on an ultrasound this week!  Here is a picture of my sister Maggie at 36 weeks pregnant with her 2 older boys (taken in early June):


Exercise/Activity Level: With two full travel days last week, I managed to still get in 5 days of exercise.  There was zero way to squeeze a workout in on either of those days, except for the walking breaks I took every 3 hours during the drive (which doesn’t count!).  I ran 3 days and did cardio/weights 2 days.  I had been preparing myself to get slapped in the face with the mile-high altitude upon returning to Colorado, but honestly the 2 runs I have done since being here have been GREAT!  Yesterday my sweet husband went running with me around a nearby lake, and it’s incredible to see the gorgeous mountains and Colorado scenery.  Can you tell I’m happy to be home?!

Maternity clothes:  All maternity, and I’m excited to actually WEAR more of my maternity clothes now that I’m not living in swimsuits anymore.

Stretch marks: None.

Belly Button: Outie.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty solid with a few hiccups.  Last night I was in and out of sleep all night long because my hips were hurting so bad.

Newest baby milestones this week: Baby is nearly full-term.  Most of her systems are up and running.  Her liver and kidneys are fully functioning, her immune system is all squared away and ready to attack germs, but her lungs still have just a bit more developing to do this week until they are ready for life outside the womb.

Best Moment of the Week:   Getting home!  Being back in our own house with our comforts, friends, community and church is just splendid.  I love being home.  I LOVED Florida, but there is just something about getting home that feels the best.

Worst Moment of the Week: Waking up in the middle of the night with sharp hip pain earlier this week.

Food cravings: I’ve continued eating super clean and I feel great.  I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, greek yogurt and granola bars.  My go-to is still apples with peanut butter and vanilla greek yogurt.  Oh and also banana/peanut butter smoothies too (made with 2 bananas, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a dash of water and ice cubes blended together).

Food aversions: After feeling nauseated from eggs over a week ago, I haven’t attempted eating any since then.  Not sure if they still would make me sick, but I’d rather not find out.

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, loose joints, hip pain, trouble rolling over/getting out of bed, slight swelling in my feet, growing/feeling like my belly is so huge it is going to make me topple over, etc.

Movement: This girl is a mover and a shaker.  In church on Sunday she was bouncing off the walls the entire service.  The music in our church is pretty loud and I think she was doing a little dancing:)

Gender: Girl

What I’m looking forward to: I’m looking forward to taking our maternity photos tonight.  We have a really great photographer lined up (Dueck Photography), and I am just so excited to capture some great shots tonight.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Praying for our baby girl to continue to be healthy and grow.  She sure FEELS like she is growing a ton!!  She is making momma so uncomfortable and tired sometimes.

What I miss: Being able to run faster.  Yesterday there was a fit girl who ran past us (probably running my old pre-pregnancy pace).  Watching her get further and further ahead of us made me feel like I was literally running in slow motion.  I can’t wait to be lighter so I can run faster!!

Next appointment: Wednesday, September 11th @ 8:30 am for an ultrasound.  The doctor just wants to get some current measurements to see if baby Lute is still on track.

To-do list before baby’s arrival:  (I’m adding this one now that we are getting so close!)


-Hospital tour (tomorrow night)

-Pre-register at the hospital

-Buy items off baby registry

-Get the nursery 100% finished

-Wash & organize baby clothes





17 thoughts on “BUMP REPORT – 36 Weeks

  1. looking awesome, as usual! glad your trip went well, I sent up some prayers from you guys! as you may or may not remember, baby mcmuffin earned himself an extra ultrasound at 34 weeks for the same issue, and all was well, I’m sure baby lute is just fine, too! best wishes!

    • Happy due date, by the way!! Thinking a lot about you…and praying for a smooth and safe delivery for when your little guy decides to show up. I do remember when you had a similar issue with fundal height and whatnot. Turns out, our baby just fine and is a whole pound bigger than she was just shy of 3 weeks ago at our last ultrasound! A healthy 5 lbs 5 oz baby in my belly. Great news!

  2. I just love reading your blog! So glad you made it back to CO. I was out of control nesting around 36 weeks! My fundal height has been the same for the last 3 weeks straight. After 37 weeks most people don’t see much or any of a change. I also haven’t gained much weight the last few weeks. I haven’t been eating less…so it’s weird! I am just happy to have gained a bit less than the 30 pounds recommended to me. Certainly looking forward to getting back in my normal clothes and my new running shoes. Getting so close!!!

    • Thanks, same here, I always look forward to reading your updates each week! It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one with fundal height numbers staying the same. We had our ultrasound this morning and everything looks great. She is measuring just slightly small (but she has always measured a bit behind) at 5 lbs 5 oz. That’s a whole pound of growth since our ultrasound from less than 3 weeks ago! I feel relieved that she is healthy and growing…it’s just not reflecting on the scale or my belly measurement:)

      I too am looking forward to post-baby body!! I’m savoring these last weeks with my bump, but I’d by lying if I said I didn’t dream of wearing “real skinny jeans” again instead of maternity skinnies:)

      Thinking a lot about you lately–you are SO CLOSE to meeting Miss N!

    • Thank you, I do think my active lifestyle pays off in some ways! And I am very much enjoying being home. Looking forward to hearing about your twinsies arrival in the near future:) Only a couple more weeks for you!

  3. I always look forward to Mondays when you put your blog up! Glad your trip back to CO went well! The exercise during your pregnancy just amazes me. I hope I can do the same, when I’m preggo. Love ya sis!

  4. Obsessed with your blue outfit! Im too stubborn to spend a lot of money on clothing, still wearing everything non maternity. Sometimes I wish I was a little bigger so I had a reason to shop more!!! No fair!

    • I am just so amazed that you can pull off 98% non-maternity wardrobe! More power to you, girl! I am loving wearing my maternity pieces now that I’m home and I actually wear clothes instead of swimwear, haha. But I think it will be nice to be back to my old body in a few months–def looking forward to that.

  5. So happy your home and doing well. I also miss the CO scenery. We usually make it out there in the fall to visit Estes Park and do some hiking. The fall is so pretty there with the Aspen trees.

    What glider did you guys decide on? We are looking into those too. Hope your u/s went well!! Take care.

  6. Welcome home! You look great as always. I also measured small and they had me get an ultrasound and everything was fine so I am sure, as you have already stated, that you will be just fine. And you get to see your little girl again before her big appearance! We could hardly see Charlie since she was so squished in my pelvis.

    Can’t wait to see more nursery pictures.

    • Thanks, it’s just great to be home! Makes me feel like the baby is actually coming soon. And it’s fun to get the nursery finished up. I will post pictures once everything is all put together and final:)

      That is good to know you had a similar experience of measuring small. And Charlie turned out just perfectly healthy! My ultrasound this morning was great–she too is extremely squished, making it hard to get perfectly accurate measurements, but she is estimated to be 5 lbs 5 oz. That’s a whole pound of growth since my last ultrasound less than 3 weeks ago! So I’m happy to hear she is just fine and dandy. I’m not looking to have a 9 pound baby, so I think I’m more on the 7 pound baby track:)

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