BUMP REPORT – 35 Weeks

35weekshoneydewPREGNANCY WEEK 35

My age: 27

How far along: 35 weeks (only 35 days to go!)

How big is baby: the size of a honey dew melon.  She is approximately 18.5 inches long and weighs 5.5 pounds.


GOODBYE FLORIDA.  Look what has happened in regards to growth since we have been in Florida!!  How crazy.  We actually got to Florida when I was 29 weeks pregnant, but it was hard to make a collage with 7 photos (because of the odd number), so I just started with the 30 week picture.



What have you been up to: Our time in Florida is wrapping up.  We are packing up and getting on the road for our trek across the country to Colorado.  Home sweet home.  We were originally supposed to leave early on Tuesday morning (Sept 3), but Eric’s project needed him for an extra day, so our drive begins super early Wednesday (Sept 4).  We are going to drive from Cape Canaveral, FL all the way to Dallas, TX on Wednesday.  Thursday we will drive from Dallas, TX to Denver, CO.  So our drive is going to be a very LONG two days, but this is better than three days.  This route is entirely different from our route out here, but it will be fun to switch it up a bit.  Drive time is estimated at 29 hours, so realistically it will take 30+ hours with stops taken into consideration.  If you think of me on Wednesday or Thursday, send a little prayer up (lol — I’ll need it!).

We had our last Florida doctor visit on Friday.  My doctor said that everything looks great with the baby.  I’m glad I was able to get such good prenatal care while in Florida.

As I mentioned last week, my sister Melody and her husband Andrew were in Florida visiting us last week.  We had such a fun time spending time together.  We had a full week of fun in the sun (and the occasional showers).  We went to the pools a lot, played in the waves on the beach, went to “feed the gators” at mini-golf, took a boat tour of the Banana River and saw dolphins and manatees, ate out at a few on-the-water local restaraunts, went running, worked out, played games and the husbands played tennis.  It was a blast spending time with them.  Here are some photos to highlight our time together:


Melody, Andrew and Eric somehow were all matching.  These guys are twins and they didn’t even plan it!


My sister and I.


Melody and Andrew.


My sister and I on the beach.


Playing around in the pool.  These guys never sat still — they were always jumping, diving and flipping in the pool!


This was a rare moment when they guys sat still 🙂


Melody and I could often be found floating around the pool.



We went on a boat tour of the Banana River.  The 2 hour tour featured manatee and dolphin viewing.


A group shot on the boat tour.


It was really neat to see tons of manatees and dolphins right outside of our boat!


Eric and I enjoying manatee and dolphin watching.


Enjoying the pool.


This was post-run one morning…it was SO HOT outside.  And THIS is why I do mostly treadmill running now 🙂


Andrew and Eric are good friends (and brother-in-laws).


My sis and I on the beach.


It was so much fun seeing them!

Exercise/Activity Level: I exercised my usual 6 days this week.  3 days of cardio/weights and 3 days of running.  My running went really well again this past week.  Two of my runs were fantastic and one was really tough and somewhat mentally defeating.  On that particular workout, I coached myself that “Katy, in just a few weeks you have to get through BIRTH!  You can do this run, it’s nothing compared to birthing a child!”  That was a crazy thought, but it gave me the mental capacity to get through that run.  Running was 100% treadmill based this week — on my run yesterday I ran for 41 minutes STRAIGHT without any walking breaks (3.5 miles).  WHOOP, WHOOP!  Running feels better than walking does at this point.  Weird, I know.

HERE is a picture of what I’d like to think I look like while I run:  (this is pre-run one day)


HERE IS THE REALITY of what I actually look like when I run:  (haha—this is real life!)


Maternity clothes:  Swimsuits and workout clothes.  Looking forward to wearing “normal clothes” now that we are going home to Denver.

Stretch marks: None.  I use lotion religiously.

Belly Button: Outie.

Sleep: I’m still sleeping pretty well.  As long as I keep my water consumption limited to 9pm and earlier, I am usually only getting up an average of once per night for bathroom runs.

Newest baby milestones this week: Our little girl is putting on lots of fat to give her a softer and more filled out body.  She is putting on an average of a half pound per week.  Her length is almost birth length, but she will still gain another 2 pounds before birth in a few weeks.  Her kidneys are fully functioning.  Her lungs are almost full term.  This baby is nearly fully cooked!

Best Moment of the Week:   Getting to spend the entire labor day weekend with my husband.  I can’t remember the last time we had uninterrupted “just the two of us” time like that.  I know we need to cherish it while it lasts.  Baby is coming soon and then our twosome becomes a threesome.

Worst Moment of the Week: Nothing in particular.  Just getting a little worn down from pregnancy exhaustion.

Food cravings: Eating lots of healthy foods!  I still crave apples with peanut butter like crazy!

Food aversions: We went out for breakfast over the holiday and my eggs did not settle well with me.  Yikes…I felt super nauseated after eating them.

Symptoms: Starting to get waves of nausea (GREAT, I’m so excited it’s back!).  Lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions.  My hips and joints make popping sounds since relaxin (hormone) has kicked in since birth is nearing — I am shocked at how easily my hips and wrists pop.  I also am really noticing exhaustion kicking in.  I just feel worn out a lot.  Naps are becoming a daily deal for me.

Movement: Eric thinks our daughter is a gymnast!  She sure has a lot of energy like her high-energy-personality momma!  She is constantly on the go.  She occasional gives a super strong kick, which is suprising considering how cramped she is in her space.

Gender: Team Pink

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing my friends at home!  Eric and I have absolutely loved this time away from our day-to-day lives, but we really are so excited to get home and see our friends.  I also REALLY missed our church, so I am so excited to go to our church!!

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Our drive.  I. CAN. DO. THIS.  My doctor said to keep a very strict schedule of stopping to get out and walk.  Circulation is key to avoid blood clots.  I also bought some knee socks, so I am going to be super stylin’ with those babies on!

What I miss: Friends and my church.  Only a few days until I get to see my friends (yay for girls’ night planned for this weekend) and only a few days until I get to go to my church!

Next appointment: Monday, September 9 at 10:00 a.m.




18 thoughts on “BUMP REPORT – 35 Weeks

  1. Great blog! I love reading them every week! It was so nice visiting you guys! I wish we could’ve hung out with y’all the whole 6 weeks! I’ll be praying for you’re long trip home. Can’t wait to meet my niece!!

  2. Wow that belly has grown in Florida! You look amazing as always. I can’t believe you are 35 weeks! Sending you lots of love and blood flow for your trip back West! xo

  3. Dang girl, you look so gorgeous! Plus you’re really rockin’ that Florida tan. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great visit with your sister. Love all the pictures! Also, about the food cravings/aversions… I ate apples with peanutbutter at least twice a week while I was pregnant and I also had some serious issues with eggs! It was weird, I could eat eggs most mornings, but every once in a while I would have an upset stomach for hours after my egg breakfast. Ugh!

    I hope you have a good trip back to Colorado! Best wishes.

    • How funny that you also loved peanut butter with apples and felt sick from eggs:) I seriously can’t get enough apples and pb…I eat at least one per day!

      Love seeing Coyer updates, btw!

  4. Love your pic from this week!! 🙂 Your getting soo close!! 1 month to go!

    I took your suggestion about limiting water before bedtime, I have felt it has helped for me too.

    I hope you have a safe trip back to CO. I will be thinking of you :-)!! You will have to post picture updates on IG so we can see your guys progress.

    • Oh I’m so glad that that water tip helped you too! It really makes such a huge difference, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for thinking of my during the trip. It really went so well and I actually enjoyed the drive. It was fun to just see new parts of the country and have tons of quality talking time with my husband!

    • Thanks! So far no nausea in the past week-ish, so I hope that maybe it was a phase. But I have a feeling with these next few weeks my body is going to start giving me lots of new surprises:) Hope you are doing well!

  5. I love the 35 week outfit! So gorgeous. You look like a Spanish flamenco dancer. Also, love the floating in the pool picture. Can I just do that for the rest of my pregnancy?

    Good luck on the road trip. We just did a five day road trip. I mean, it only was one day of driving each way to get to our destination, but we ended up spending every day while we were there driving ALL day. I was 31 weeks. It’s hard (as I’m sure you know from your trip down to FL). We did lots of stops and I used tons of pillows to prop me up all over the place. Also, the seat heater helped my back muscles, but then I needed the AC full blast. Ha. Good luck!

    • Why thank you—you are right about the Spanish flamenco dancer look, haha! I do sort of resemble one in the pic. I’m obsessed with my teal maxi skirt and wear it a lot. I mean, a lot:) I bought it at charlotte russe (it’s not maternity), so I won’t feel guilty wearing it even after I’m not pregnant.

      The road trip went really well. Better than the first drive down to FL even! We had a solid strategy: 3 hour driving rotations with walking breaks. It worked SUPER great. I actually enjoyed the trip and wasn’t uncomfortable at all! Sounds like a 5 day roadtrip like the one you did was VERY HARD! Hopefully you don’t have to do that again. I think 2 day trips are the limit for me. Hope you are doing well!

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