Nursery Ideas

Now that we found out our baby is a girl, I can more logically start envisioning the future with this little one.  I’m imagining all the cutesy girly pinks, purples, laces and frills that are to come.  I also have started to think more practically about baby’s nursery.  After perusing through pinterest, I have a few pretty concrete ideas for how I envision my baby girl’s nursery.  My idea is to have a purple room with small accents of teal.  Here are some visuals that I found on pinterest:


This picture is exactly what I envision the nursery to look like.  I love the purple and pale gray with white furniture.


I love the idea of adding small pops of teal with a purple room.  Teal is my favorite color, so of COURSE I want to add it as an accent.


Here is another visual of mixing teal with purple.  This picture shows a little MORE teal than I actually envision.  I’d rather it be more pops of color, rather than equal parts purple with equal parts teal.


I think I always wished to be a princess as a little girl.  The canopy over the crib screams princess to me!  I really want to find a canopy and maybe a cute little chandelier like this picture shows.  I just think it is adorable.

One thing that is good about using an accent wall (purple wall) and accent pieces (like pops of teal), make it easy to transition if our 2nd baby is a boy.  When baby #2 makes his or her way into the world, we can always simply repaint the one accent wall to a blue or green and it’s a fairly simple transition.

In general, I’m just SO EXCITED to have this baby and I can’t wait to meet her.  Getting ideas for the nursery are just one way for me to get more excited about her.


9 thoughts on “Nursery Ideas

  1. I love your inspiration pictures for the nursery! Before we found out the gender, I was thinking of purple and white for a girl. So sweet, so perfect! Have so much fun getting her room all ready 🙂

  2. I love the colors and ideas! Pinterest is such a great place to collect everything. We did grey walls so that we could change color up with gender as well as use any accent color(s) we wanted. I’m excited to see how it all works out!

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