BUMP REPORT – 20 Weeks


My age: 27

How far along: 20 weeks (HALFWAY THERE!)

How big is baby: the size of a banana (6.5 inches from head to bottom and 10.5 inches from head to heel – starting next week the baby’s measurements will always be from head to heel).  She weighs 10.6 ounces.

Exercise/Activity Level: This week I exercised 6 days and felt great.  I lifted weights more than I have done so in weeks previous.  I’m someone who has always known and loved the perks of lifting weights (I used to be a personal trainer, after all!).  But for some reason I sometimes slack in the weight lifting department from time to time.  Cardio exercise becomes my main focus and I lose sight of my muscular strength and endurance.  I am noticing that cardio is becoming more and more challenging as the pregnancy weeks progress….so I thought, why not resume some lifting?  So this week I lifted full body several days, got 4 runs in (3 outdoors, one indoors), and used cardio machines on non running days – arc trainer and the upright bike (yes, I always consider the bike the “lazy man’s cardio machine” but I kept my heart rate up, so it counts!)

On the subject of running – I am noticing a trend lately: TIGHT CALVES!!  At first I thought it was a one-time fluke, but then it’s pretty much been every run.  I’m trying to keep my calves stretched out, but this is affecting my running and causing me to take more walking breaks because it gets so bad.

Maternity clothes:  I scored big on maternity this week!  My friend Bridget brought me a boatload of maternity clothes that I can use.  In fact, the white pants in this week’s bump picture are Bridget’s pants.

Stretch marks: None.

Belly button: Still an innie.  I have a feeling that I will eventually pop out to an outie…it gets more and more shallow daily.

Sleep: Eric is so sweet and always wanting to take care of the baby and I as much as possible, so this week he insisted we buy a body pillow.  I used it for the first time last night and admit it does help side sleeping to be more comfortable.  Also, on the topic of sleep, my dreams continue to be absolutely bizarre and outrageous!  Last night my dream was all about how I was part of the black market combined with the mob, it was kind of suspenseful and scary!

Best moment of the week: I have to label this best moment(s) this week:

1. Ultrasound.  The anatomy ultrasound we had was by FAR the best moment of the week.  We spent 45 minutes watching our baby kicking, punching, wiggling and eventually settling down and hiccuping.  She is perfectly healthy (waahoo!!) and beautiful and OURS!  Both Eric and I were blown away by how real our baby is.  It was also pretty darn cool that we found out she is a GIRL too!


2. Friends and family’s reactions.  My family is huge (I’m one of 8 kids!), so our baby is the 10th grandchild on my side.  Well, there are 8 boys and our baby will be the 2nd girl….so my family seems very excited to start balancing that ratio out.  It felt SO GOOD to hear such excitement and positive reactions from my family.  My friends also are very excited for baby girl too!  It was cool that we were able to have a small BBQ to share the news with a few friends.



3. Concert.  We have a lot of concerts on our agenda for this summer.  The concert we went to this past weekend was Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert and Randy Houser.  It was a fun night with music and friends.



4. Strangers noticing my pregnancy.  On Thursday, I had the first stranger ask me when I was due.  I was sort of dumbfounded since I had not gotten that question before, but I proudly told her the beginning of October.  It was the cashier at Walgreens.  Then yesterday a older Walmart employee who was helping me find something asked when I was due.  I told her it’s a girl and she said I should name the baby Joann (that was her name, of course!).  I must say, it feels pretty good to have people notice my pregnancy…it means I’m past the “fat looking” stage.  Speaking of which, here is a progression of weeks 12-20.  Weird to think I thought I was “showing” at 13 weeks!


Food cravings: Fruit, raisinettes, raisin bran cereal, and Gatorade.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is a picture I took of my kitchen counter the other day….you can’t tell I eat a lot of fruit, can you??


I made this fruit salad to take to a friend’s birthday party over the weekend.  And no, I didn’t use any of the fruit from the other picture:)  This was all bought in addition to that.

Food aversions: Chicken.  One day I will be brave and eat it.  Or try.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN (really bad this week!), low back gets sore when sitting, growing belly, calf tightness while running (overall harder time running), leaky tatas, crazy dreams, frequent urination and an overall feeling of discomfort from growing.

Movement: I have been feeling the baby moving regularly now!

Gender: Baby girl!

What I’m looking forward to: Memorial weekend.  We have a road trip planned with friends to southern Colorado.

What I’m nervous about: Memorial weekend:)  The long car ride.  I’m looking forward to the trip though!

What I miss: Feeling light when running.  I feel so “heavy” and slow while I run now.

Next appointment: Tuesday, June 11, 2013.



4 thoughts on “BUMP REPORT – 20 Weeks

  1. Congrats on making it to the half-way point! So exciting 🙂 And I’m so impressed you made it this long w/o a body pillow!!! I’ve been using mine since the very beginning… it’s so wonderful.

    • Thanks, I’m excited to be halfway! I must say now that I’ve used by body pillow for the past two nights, it is quite amazing….so I’m sort of impressed I lasted so long too without it:) Before, I was just using a regular pillow to curl up against.

  2. Love this post! You are looking so so beautiful and that belly is just adorable. On the working out note, I too often slack in the weight lifting area. I am big into cardio and was also into Crossfit (which is a hardcore weight workout)…When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t feel comfortable doing such an extreme workout as Crossfit, so I started doing free weights, lunges, air squats etc like I used to. I am REALLY trying to continue weights 4 days a week through my entire pregnancy, as I too have noticed that running is getting so much harder! I feel really heavy and my legs are so much harder to get going. Before I know it I will have to walk….Keep it up though girl! I think we can lift all the way through and it will make it so much easier to get back in shape after the baby. xo

    • Thanks, you are so sweet! I agree that no matter how big and uncomfortable we get during pregnancy, we should always be able to maintain lifting weights. That is somewhat the mindset of why I started lifting again…well that, and I realized that I don’t need to let myself get soft and jiggly either:) I’ve never done Crossfit before, but I have quite a few friends that are big crossfitters. I 100% get why you scaled back once you found out you were pregnant. Sounds like you are still getting in great workouts between lifting and running. Running is getting harder and harder and I notice I get SLOWER and SLOWER as time progresses! I figure even if my pace is slow, I’m still out there giving it my best shot (even if it means taking walking breaks!). Way to go girl! Hey, if we keep it up, our post-baby weight loss will come MUCH EASIER!!

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