Baby #2 BUMP REPORT – 35 Weeks


PREGNANCY WEEK 35 – September 19, 2015

Now that it’s Tuesday and I’m closer to 36 weeks than 35, I am only a month away from my due date. YIKES! Lots to do between now and then. Eric and I are starting to feel a bit of pressure to get done all that we have on our plates over the next month before she arrives. We agreed that we are both feeling like we can’t even focus on a baby coming soon because we have too much that has to happen before she makes her grand arrival into our family. Baby girl, please wait! Please don’t come early. This week she is approximately 18.5 inches and 5.5 pounds.

We are in the midst of tearing apart our house…it’s kind of a disaster. Carpet has been ripped out and the kitchen tile got busted out over the weekend. Starting on Friday we begin installing hardwood floors. The entire main level of the house will be hardwoods once we are finished. It was a combo of carpet, tile and linoleum floors. It’s going to be a lot of work and very time consuming to install the new floors. We would like to have the project finished, or at least mostly finished, before the baby is born! That might be a big undertaking to reach that deadline goal! We did hardwoods in our old house, but that was quite a bit smaller square footage than this house. So that’s Eric’s big thing on his agenda that is making him feel a bit of pressure with my looming due date.

My pressure is getting all of my photography clients done between now and then (my due date). I’ve been non-stop busy with photography whether it’s shooting or editing. Over the weekend I had two newborn sessions and 1 family session alone! Newborn sessions take 3-4 hours each (plus drive time and setup/teardown). Regular sessions take about an hour. Editing each photoshoot takes me approximately 3-4 hour each. In the span of 7 days (Saturday to Saturday of this past week), I did SEVEN photo sessions! SEVEN! Three of those being newborn sessions. Wow. So if you can imagine, I am eating, sleeping and dreaming photography these days. I actually do DREAM about photography most nights. I stress and think I’m forgetting something. I’m loving this because it’s helpful for me to build up my portfolio and experience. I’m trying to squeeze in all of these sessions before my baby comes. I probably won’t ever be THIS busy again…so I keep reminding myself this is just a short season for a few weeks where I get to be super busy doing something that I really love.

In the midst of our busy season of life, we have now attended two birth classes at the hospital. We both didn’t feel like we learned anything new, but it was good to help us focus on what’s coming. It got us in the right mindset. It was also good to practice some labor positions. I still have a ways to go in finishing my Hypnobirthing book…I should try to get a move on reading that so it’s finished before I’m due.

My age: 29

How far along: 35 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a honeydew melon (18.5 inches and 5.5 pounds)

Gender: Girl

Events of this week: Lots. I can’t even think straight.

Symptoms: Some “annoying” pregnancy symptoms–not going into detail on that, but thankfully the midwife got me a prescription that is helping that lovely issue. My belly is MASSIVE. It’s growing like crazy.

Exercise/Activity: Got in 3 days of exercise, one of those being a nice fall outdoor stroller run with one of my mom friends. Feeling great in the workout department, though I am definitely doing less and slowing down a bit when it comes to how much I’m doing.

Sleep: Good. I am having dreams that stress me out though. Like my photography dreams. And one night I dreamt that we euthanized both of our pets (dog and cat). Am I feeling overwhelmed?? Maybe my dreams are a reflection of my true reality.

Maternity clothes:  Yes. In fact, some of them no longer cover my belly!

Stretch marks: No.

Belly Button: Out.

Food cravings: Ehhh…I ate sweets a few times too many in the past week. I’ve been doing so good at eating sweets only once a week. Need to get back on that habit. Between birthday cake, shower cupcakes, etc….I had a few too many!

Food aversions: Eating a full meal.

Movement: Very active.

Best Moment of the Week: Meeting my friend’s baby girl in the NICU. She went into preterm labor at 30 weeks after her water broke. She was able to keep the baby in for four days before the baby was born. She’s only 3 1/2 pounds but doing SO GREAT! I was even able to hold her for a while when I visited! She wasn’t due until November 20th, wow.

Worst Moment of the Week: Can’t think of anything.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting a lot of progress done on my photography. Once these busy few weeks are over, I’ll miss the craziness. Also SO EXCITED about starting the installation of the hardwood floors.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: All of the stress on our plates.

What I miss: Watching TV, having time for a nap, being lazy. LOL

Next appointment: Thursday, Sept. 24 at 4:20 p.m.

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