Baby #2 BUMP REPORT – 24 Weeks


PREGNANCY WEEK 24 – July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July! Tonight we will watch fireworks with friends. Since we didn’t watch them last year, this will be Winter’s first official time watching a fireworks show.

My 24 week appointment went great. The midwife measured my fundal height for the first time, which was exactly 24 centimeters. I am fairly sure I always measured slightly under with Winter, but I’m not surprised that I’m measuring the full length this pregnancy. In fact, I am surprised I wasn’t measuring AHEAD with how huge my belly feels! She said that my weight gain and size looks perfect and on track. My goal is to stay within the 25-35 pound recommended gain, though under 30 is my true goal. I’m up 18.5 pounds at 24 weeks, so we shall see where I end up at 40 weeks. As long as I continue working hard through healthy eating and exercise, I am not worried…I know I can reach my goal!

I also saw my PCP this week for an annual physical (for wellness health and also for insurance benefits). At my appointment, I expressed concern about my injured foot. She did an examination and she feels that it very well could be a stress fracture. Because I’m pregnant, she would like to avoid taking an x-ray if possible. She recommended that I not run or do any high impact movements as this could worsen my condition. I also and supposed to avoid wearing flip flops or going barefoot–instead I’m supposed to wear good supportive shoes. I’ll continue following the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation). She said if my foot isn’t starting to feel better within 2-3 weeks, to come back for another check. I’ve been still exercising, but trying to walk, lift weights and do low impact cardio exercises. All this strength training will keep me nice and toned!


My age: 29

How far along: 24 weeks

How big is baby: the size of an ear of corn (12 inches and 1.3 pounds)

Gender: Girl

Events of this week: Went walking several days with girlfriends, went to the pool, had several doctor appointments, went to the library, spent time with a college/high school friend who visited, went to Garden of the Gods, went to Manitou Springs, watched an outdoor movie at the park, went to the splash park, celebrated 4th of July.

Symptoms: Growing belly, feeling great overall.

Exercise/Activity: 5 days of exercise completed this week. As I mentioned, my foot injury is limiting my cardio. So I’ve been doing strength training circuits, walking and any type of low impact cardio that I can.

Sleep: Pretty good. Found a happy place with arranging my pillows around me.

Maternity clothes:  Yes.

Stretch marks: No.

Belly Button: I can’t really say 100% in anymore. Part of it is now poking out. This didn’t happen to me in my first pregnancy until 30+ weeks.

Food cravings: Fresh cherries, swiss cheese, berry smoothies.

Food aversions: None, though I still don’t really desire much chicken.

Movement: Moving like crazy. Visible from the outside too.

Best Moment of the Week: Having a good checkup with the midwife.

Worst Moment of the Week: Finding out my foot is indeed injured.

What I’m looking forward to: Healing my foot and getting back to normal life.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: My foot…I just want it to cooperate and get better.

What I miss: Walking without limping.

Next appointment: Friday, July 31 @ 8:00 am – checkup, 28 week ultrasound & glucose test.

Winter wanted to take a picture with the chalkboard just like mommy! Too adorable.


Comparison of first and second pregnancies


24 weeks with baby #2



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