Baby #2 BUMP REPORT – 19 Weeks


PREGNANCY WEEK 19 – May 30, 2015

Oh boy, I have contracted a cold and I am miserable. I’ve felt sick for over 48 hours and since it’s been over the weekend (thankfully), Eric has taken main duty of Winter so that I can rest. My head feels like it wants to explode, my throat is very sore, my nasal passage is either clogged or running, my poor nose is raw from blowing it so much, I have trouble sleeping at night, and I’m weak from eating not much. There’s been no signs of fever or any other flu-like symptoms, thankfully. It makes me so grateful that I can take Tylenol Cold & Sinus since it’s on the approved list for pregnancy, though I admit there’s guilt when I take it. I am not much of a medicine person, but it has helped me feel slightly better. It’s now Sunday night and I feel like I’m through the worst of it–hoping for better health soon!

On an up note, I have continued to stick to my health goals when it comes to healthy eating and increased activity for over a week and a half (with a short break in exercise due to this cold). I am feeling amazing and I’m getting good results from healthier practices. I exercised 6 days this past week and because I’m now doing weight training, my body is feeling leaner, tighter and stronger than it had been.  My trouble zones tend to be my legs, hips and butt, and all of those areas feel tighter and smaller within the past week or so! I feel great and proud of myself for making a change.

My age: 29

How far along: 19 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a mango (6 inches and 8.5 ounces)

Gender: Unknown, we find out in a week. Still feeling like I’ve got a sister in there for Winter.

Events of this week: Celebrated Memorial Day, went to the splash park, spent a lot of time outdoors since the weather is finally warm/sunny/fantastic after weeks of rain, had life group, bible study, and spent the past few days lying on the couch due to being sick.

Symptoms: Have a cold, otherwise but having basic pregnancy symptoms–growing belly, ligament stretching, moody.

Exercise/Activity: My health goals are getting achieved and I’m doing great. Got in 6 days of exercise this week, including 2 runs and 4 days of my Jillian Michael’s strength/cardio circuit DVD.  I really feel like incorporating Jillian Michaels has been a really positive thing for me. I feel some good results from healthy eating and increased activity these past few weeks.  My legs, butt and hips are all feeling smaller and tighter already! I felt like I was getting thicker in my midsection (more-so than just the baby), but now I feel like that’s gone. I am so happy and feeling fit and strong.

Sleep: I toss and turn from side to side but other nights and sleep great.

Maternity clothes:  Yes.

Stretch marks: No.

Belly Button: In.

Food cravings: EATING HEALTHY! Proud of myself.  I’ve been eating a lot of fresh produce, salad, hardboiled eggs, and greek yogurt. I’ve suddenly become obsessed with swiss cheese. I bought the thin slices so I can eat a few at a time without going crazy on the calories.

Food aversions: Chicken.

Movement: Feeling more movements this week.

Best Moment of the Week: Fitting in my clothes better and feeling leaner, stronger and healthier.

Worst Moment of the Week: Getting a cold.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting over this sickness.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: I feel slightly guilty when I take Tylenol, even though I know it’s approved for pregnancy. I just pray that God protects my baby while my body is fighting off this cold.

What I miss: Being able to breathe (because of my cold).

Next appointment: Monday, June 8, 2015 @ 10:30 a.m. – ultrasound day!



4 thoughts on “Baby #2 BUMP REPORT – 19 Weeks

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Today I’m already starting to feel better (this is cold day 4!), so I think the worst is behind me. It’s hard being pregnant, a mom and SICK all at once:(

  1. Hey Katy! I’ve been following along with this pregnancy too! Congratulations. I have a question for you, we are going to be announcing our pregnancy soon and wanted to see how you were able to fill in the chalk board like you do. I wanted to try something similar for this next go around as well.

    • First of all, a big congrats to you on your pregnancy! That is great. When are you due? My big “secret” to how I’m doing my chalkboards this pregnancy is really no secret. Since I took about 45 minutes to draw each chalkboard every single week my first pregnancy, I knew I wouldn’t have that kind of time or patience with a toddler to take care of. So I decided to stand by a blank chalkboard for my weekly photos and add text with a photo editing program. I use which is a free site. I upgraded to the deluxe version because it includes cooler fonts and options. It takes me hardly any time at all and I’m loving the results of my “chalkboards!” Good luck.

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