Pregnancy Health Goals, Round 2!


5 Pregnancy Health Goals

In the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy, I decided to get with the program and set some true health goals for myself.  I had 10 goals and I did very well at following them in order to keep my weight gain under control.  I don’t want to wait that long to give myself health goals this time.  It’s TIME to do it NOW.  I hate that I let my cravings get the best of me, and I hate that I use the excuse of being too tired or too busy to squeeze in exercise or even a walk.  It is helpful for me to write down some specific goals to follow, rather than aimlessly make impulse decisions to skip workouts and eat junk.

My goal is to gain approximately 30 pounds this pregnancy.  Last time I got on the scale, I am up 9 pounds.  I know that if I follow some rules I will be able to keep my health in order and feel great about my growing body.  Rather than giving myself 10 guidelines, I’m going to give myself ONLY 5.  I know I can follow 5 things!  Here we go….

strollerwalk1. Walk outside most everyday. Even if it means a quick stroll around the block, it’s healthy for my body and the baby to get moving and get fresh air. Plus it’s good for Winter to get outside too.  It can be alone or with my family, but it needs to happen daily!  This is in addition to formal exercise.


2. Exercise 4-5 days each week. I’m a runner.  I love to stay fit and healthy. Pre-baby (as in pre-first baby), I was religious about 6 days a week of exercise. Since becoming a mom, it’s more realistic for me to aim for 4-5 days a week. Lately I’ve been MAYBE getting 2-3 days a week, so I’d like to up that.  I run on my treadmill (approximately 3 miles) and I’ll alternate that with Jillian Michaels workout DVD (that includes a lot of strength training).  As long as I get about 30 minutes in a day, that’s a great achievement.

water3. Drink at least 4 of my water bottles of water (or 8 16 oz glasses) everyday. This pregnancy I am struggling to stay hydrated since water is a turnoff for me. It makes me feel nauseous at times. My goal is to sip on water all throughout the day rather than force myself to drink a lot at the end of the day to make up for the earlier part of the day.  My body functions so much better when I stay hydrated.

sugar4. Avoid sweets/desserts and limit myself to one treat per week. Sweets are my nemesis! My cravings are INTENSE this pregnancy. Like I can’t have any self control. Once I indulge in sweets, I swiftly go down a slippery slope and binge on too much sugar.  Candy, ice cream, etc!  I feel out of control and gross when I eat a lot of sugar.  I want to avoid it 90% of the time, but not make it 100% off limits.  I will choose 1 thing each week to treat myself with.

fastfood5. Cut out fast foods & overall less healthy food choices. I’ve never been much into fast food but I seem to have taken on a knack for it lately. Not only is it unhealthy, but it also isn’t even “real food” in my opinion!  I don’t need that in my life.  If I want to eat out somewhere, I will choose slightly healthier choices like Chipotle instead of Taco Bell.

If I can successfully maintain reaching these five goals every week throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, I know I will have great results.  I’m excited to be victorious. When I follow these healthy guidelines throughout my pregnancy, I will:

– Feel better about my body

– Keep my weight gain to a healthy range

– Better nourish my growing baby

– Have an easier time losing weight postpartum, and less weight to lose!

– Experience no/less pregnancy complications {within my control}

– Have an smooth/quick postpartum recovery

*DISCLAIMER: As always, these are just my personal thoughts and opinions. I am not a medical professional. Anyone who wants to have a healthy pregnancy that includes diet and exercise should first talk to their doctor or midwife before starting a new program.


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