Baby #2 BUMP REPORT – 17 Weeks

17weeksPREGNANCY WEEK 17 – May 16, 2015

Well, I am actually writing this late {written, Thursday, May 21st}, so I’ll be 18 weeks tomorrow, but oh well. Winter and I were in Texas for a week so I’m late getting around to a picture and blogging because of the trip.  We had a great time in Texas.  We visited my best friend who recently had twins.  My sister also came from Indiana with her baby on the trip, so it was really fun to spend time with everyone and all the babies.  We had 3 babies age 4 months and a 19 month old toddler.  We managed pretty well!  It was a lot of fun and exhausting at the same time, haha!

My age: 29

How far along: 17 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a pear

Gender: Unknown – thinking pink!  We find out in a few weeks.

Events of this week: Had my 16 week midwife checkup the day after Mother’s Day, and everything looked good.  Heard a good heartbeat of 150 bpm.  Went to Texas for 7 days–we stayed in the house a lot because it’s hard to get out with 3 babies and 1 toddler.  But we did manage to go to the drive-in theatre and see Pitch Perfect 2, go on a few walks, go swimming/splash park, and go to Monkey Bizness.  Two days of air travel flying solo with a toddler went decently well –just exhausting. Now we are home and getting back to our normal routine.

Symptoms: Feeling pretty great overall.  I often forget I’m pregnant.  Experiencing some nausea off and on.  Headaches lasted for about 3 days of my trip.  Heartburn is setting in, boo!

Exercise/Activity: Ok, honest moment….I have practically done zero exercise for over a week.  UGH!!  Not proud of that. With my trip I intended to get at least a walk in everyday, and 3 runs.  Nope, I was out of my mind to think that was possible.  I walked twice and didn’t run.  With 4 babies/kids and various schedules, it was almost impossible to make it happen.  In addition to not exercising, I spent the past week or so eating PURE CRAP, ie ice cream, brownies, cookies, candy.  Combo of not exercising and eating junk has me feeling a little low about how my body feels.  I feel “fluffy,” yuck.  Since I’m back in my regular routine, I have managed to exercise yesterday and today, so I already am feeling a bit better.  I ran 3 miles (plus walked 1 mile) and I now need my Gabrialla Maternity Running Support belt.  I tried without it and my belly felt too big to go without it now.

Last night I went to the store and decided to check out what workout DVDs they sold there.  My sister had mentioned she was doing a Jillian Michaels workout that she liked and it was short but intense.  I cannot depend on running alone, so I feel like a workout DVD (something new and different that I haven’t done a million times) is something I would benefit from.  I bought one of her DVDs last night and tried it out this morning when I got up.  It was about 30 minutes and I feel like I’m going to be sore tomorrow.  It is a combination of circuits which includes 3 minutes of strength exercises, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute of abs (3-2-1 method).  I’ve been slightly in a rut and bored with relying on just my treadmill to run….so this will be something new and different to challenge my body.  Plus, I have always preached how important strength training is for a healthy physique, but lately my weight lifting has been sub par or nonexistent.

In my first pregnancy, I wrote a post about “My 10 Pregnancy Health Goals” and I think it’s time to recharge and revisit that.  I may even make a new post with new goals for achieving a healthy pregnancy this go round.  I’m just feeling blah after eating so much junk and being inactive!!  New goals for a healthy body and baby.

Sleep: Sleeping great!  Crazy dreams though…

Maternity clothes:  I’m full blown maternity now.  Plus yoga pants.

Stretch marks: No.

Belly Button: In.

Food cravings: Sweets – ice cream, brownies, nutty bars, cookies….OH MY!  On day 2 of healthy eating.

Food aversions: Chicken.

Movement: Movement has been back since about 16 1/2 weeks.  I don’t feel it every day, but I am feeling “popcorn” every so often.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to spend an entire week with my best friend, her twins, my sister and my nephew!

Worst Moment of the Week: None.

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling healthier in the next few days/weeks as I follow a healthier lifestyle.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Not really nervous about anything.

What I miss: Nothing in particular.

Next appointment: Monday, June 8, 2015 @ 10:30 a.m. – WE HAVE OUR ANATOMY ULTRASOUND!!


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