I am terrible about keeping up with blogging these days.  Life as a stay at home mom is the busiest life I’ve ever had!  Time for a few updates before 2014 ends…

Winter turned 1 in October, and there are 2 things that DIDN’T happen that I expected to happen at that one-year milestone: walking and weaning.  Expectations don’t always get met.  Let’s talk about walking first:

WALKING–ehhh, or lack thereof…

The doctor told me that the normal range for a baby to reach the milestone of taking her first steps is between 9 months and 18 months.  That’s quite a range!  That being noted, I notice that most babies typically take their first steps around their first birthday, so I had a big expectation for Winter to walk at age 12 months.  She didn’t.  For a few weeks, I started to feel really down about the fact that she wasn’t walking.  As a mom, I feel nothing but proud of my daughter, but I didn’t like that I was feeling less than proud because she wasn’t “meeting MY expectation” for her.  After a lot of tears and prayer, I finally let it go.  I stopped putting the pressure on her and I.  I didn’t know if she’d walk in 2014 or if it would finally happen in early 2015.  Well, Christmas came early at the Lute house!!  Winter took her first steps on December 18, 2014, exactly one week before Christmas (14 months old)!  It was an exciting and joyous evening as Eric and I watched her walk back and forth between us.  Seeing her joy as we celebrated her achievement was priceless.  Within the next few days, she really picked up on walking quickly.  She is getting more and more confident and within a day or two could walk across the room without any assistance.  14 month walker, just like her momma:)  My first steps were also at age 14 months.




WEANING…ehhh, maybe at 15 months?

My plan from day 1 was always a goal to “breastfeed for one year.”  Never did I fathom that at age 12 months, neither Winter nor I would be ready to wean from breastfeeding!  Here we are, 14.5 months, and she is still happily nursing.  I foresee weaning in our near future as she seems to have a dwindling interest in the past few days.  And I’d be ok with that.{I think!} I will miss breastfeeding and the bond we have shared these past 15 months, but I know that someday there will be a sibling for Winter who will get a turn at the whole breastfeeding thing.  I’m so happy that breastfeeding, which started out as a scary and VERY HARD situation, ended up being a beautiful 15 month journey.  I love breastfeeding…. So glad it turned around from it’s very harsh beginning!image

WINTER…we say goodbye to 2014

Winter is getting to be such a big girl.  She loves kitties, reading books, giggling, and she has the sweetest disposition.  She is spunky and can be a drama queen at times.  We love her and can’t picture what life was ever like without her.  2014 has been a great year, and we are looking forward to many great years ahead!





10 thoughts on “Winter…Walking…Weaning…

    • That’s a very good point, I wonder if there is something to that. Although my husband walked at 11 months, so I’m not sure how that plays into it:) Hope you are feeling well with your pregnancy….I can’t believe that the idea of baby #2 is something we may start trying for soon! I’m excited yet dreading being pregnant again:)

  1. she’s really grown up since you last posted pics! is she talking much, Jackson just started to pick up on some words in the last few weeks, but for the most part speaks his own little language, which is equally entertaining as English 🙂 happy new year!!

    • I agree, she is looking like a little girl and not a baby anymore! I think the fact that she’s not as chubby combined with her full head of growing hair is contributing to her older look. She does say some words (mama, dada, kitty, shoes, doggy, as well as various animal noises and several sign language signs). But most of her chatter is unrecognizable “words”…. These kids will keep on surprising us with the new things they learn as time goes by! It’s crazy to think that Jackson and Winter are toddlers now, not little babies anymore. How did that happen?!? Happy new year!

  2. Such a sweet girl! Arent girls just the best? We hust weaned last week (16.5 months) and other than a few tears from both of us, it went well! Good luck!

    • Yes, yes, yes! I love having a girl. And now it’s so fun that she likes playing with baby dolls and her play kitchen. Such a girl’s girl. And yet a drama queen too. Ha! She’s spunky, I follow that Ruthie is quite spunky too from your posts! That’s awesome that you continued breastfeeding so long too. I am sad to think about weaning here in the next week or two (or three, or four)…..BUT, I’m getting signs from the little one that she’s about done. Plus, I’d like my body to myself for at least a little bit!! (Not breastfeeding and not pregnant.) I want to know what it feels like to have my body just for ME, as that hasn’t happened in 2 whole years:)

  3. Nico was an early talker and a late walker too! He started taking steps around 14 months too and really didn’t get the hang of it until 15 months I would say. In terms of weaning, I had the same goal of a year. And after starting our with 4 treacherous months…I cannot BELIEVE we actually went to over 18 months before we were both finally ready to wean. So interesting though so many people talk about how hard breastfeeding is, but not too many talk about the weaning part! It was kinda sad to stop, but since I was pregnant, I was ready! And Nico eventually started weaning himself when he was ready, so it was the right time for us. It ended up being a really good experience for us at the end of the day. That being said…I’m kinda scared to start it all over again soon! Hopefully it’s easier this time around…

    • Isn’t it funny how it is kind of hard to stop breastfeeding?? It was so hard and a lot of work in the beginning, but then towards the end, it’s a breeze. Winter ended up weaning herself. When she was 15 months, she suddenly refused to nurse one day. I tried again every day for two weeks, but she refused every time. It was kind of hard on me, but I realized that I would eventually have another baby to nurse, and it was time to enjoy a non breastfeeding season in life. I am really enjoying this period of life without it, but the thought of nursing a newborn baby around the clock in less than 6 months from now doesn’t sound appealing just yet:) That is awesome you breastfed for over 18 months. That is really amazing!! WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!! You go!

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