Winter’s Cake Smash!

I can’t believe Winter turned 1 last week!

On her first birthday (10.10.14), I did a cake smash photo shoot with her.  I wanted to capture Winter’s first tastes of her birthday cake in a cute way.  Many of my friends have taken their 1 year olds to a photographer to do a photo shoot with their little one.  I wanted the same results without spending the hundreds of dollars!  So, thanks to Pinterest, I gathered my confidence to do it myself!

The cake smash photo shoot I did all DIY!  I baked and decorated the cake, made a $2 cake stand, bought paper for the background, made the banner, assembled the outfit she wore, took the photos myself and did all my own editing.  $$$ saved!  I’ll have to do a separate post about how I did the shoot all by myself instead of hiring someone.  Be looking for that!



We had a blast watching her demolish her cake.  She wasn’t shy….she dug right in!

{all of the photos belong to me, Katy Lute}


8 thoughts on “Winter’s Cake Smash!

    • Thanks so much Kayla. I hear you on the time, money issue! I didn’t want to spend a fortune on pictures, which is why I did it myself…all in all in ended up being so cheap. I’m happy with the result.

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