Post Baby Body – 3 Month Update

Today marks 13 weeks since I gave birth to my daughter.  So it’s time for another post-baby body update!  It’s so hard to believe that tomorrow she turns 3 months old.  Seriously, where has the time gone???  With the Christmas and New Years holidays, it feels that this past month has flown by.  I feel that I have continued to make progress with my body since last month, despite letting loose for the week of Christmas.  To date, I have lost a total of 27 pounds (4 lbs lost since a month ago).

Here is how I’m looking now:



Here is a comparison of this month versus last month:



I’m seeing and feeling changes!!  I love it!  My waist is still not as small as pre-pregnancy, but I am definitely seeing it get smaller since last month.  I’m doing a lot of ab work, and they are feeling tighter and stronger.  My legs are also feeling smaller.  I guess it would be helpful if I got my tape measure out, so I could look at some real numbers.  Haha!  Maybe I’ll do that, but realistically I probably won’t.  I don’t need to be obsessing over all of those numbers.  My boobs are going down.  Though I’m breastfeeding, my boobs have definitely reduced in size, which I can admit I’m happy about…I’ve never been a fan of big boobs!  Overall, I feel tighter and my stamina and endurance are increasing.  I’m happy with my progress this month, and hope to see more next month!


My eating has been pretty healthy.  That is, if you exclude the entire week of Christmas where I stuffed my face with loads of Christmas treats and goodies.  😦  We travelled 18 hours on the road (each way) to Indiana, and from the moment we left until the moment we returned, my eating was far from nutritious.  I believe that set me back a little bit, but as soon as I got home, I got right back to working out and eating healthy.  I use MyFitnessPal app on my phone to track my daily calories.  In early December, I cut back from 2100 calories per day to 1950.  As of this week, I cut back to 1900 per day.  As long as I don’t dip below 1800 per day, it shouldn’t affect my milk supply.  I try to eat a lot of healthy foods, avoiding sweets and overly processed junk.


Over the week of Christmas, I only got one day of exercise in: running in the freezing cold on snow-covered back country roads.  Besides that week, my workouts have been very consistent!  I workout on Sunday through Fridays, averaging 6 workouts per week.  I hit the gym in the evenings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and run on my treadmill at home on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  I have focused mainly on doing lots of cardio and abdominal exercises.  I am desperate to get my small waist and strong abs back!  Unfortunately I have not done tons of weight training yet, but I am limited by how much time I have at the gym since I’m on a schedule for feeding my baby.  I need to figure out how to get more weights in my workouts!


I have successfully lost my pregnancy pounds (plus some), but I’d still like to continue to tighten up and lose more weight.  I am starting my 1/2 marathon training next week, and I have a goal to complete that race in April with a semi-decent time (maybe even a PR!).  I have a goal to complete my training program and not slack off.  I also have a goal to feel confident in a swimsuit this summer.  A short term goal is to lose another 5 pounds by 4 months postpartum.


It’s emotionally tough for me to look at some of the negative changes in my body, the main one being a bigger waist than I used to have.  I know with hard work, I can get my abs back, but in the meantime it’s a struggle for me.  Most of my jeans and pants are fitting me, but they still feel somewhat snug in the waistbands, making me feel self-conscious.  I finally broke down and bought a pair of nice jeans in a bigger size.  I will wear these and rejoice as they start to get looser and looser, but for now, it makes me feel better.

Here is a comparison of the day after birth versus 3 months postpartum:



14 thoughts on “Post Baby Body – 3 Month Update

  1. You look amazing! I am so proud of you girl!!!! I know it’s hard to compare our bodies to pre-baby, but you should be proud. Look at you! You have a baby 3 months ago! Keep up the good work. You are teaching your daughter how important it is to love your body and treat it right!

    • Thanks Carin. I appreciate your encouragement! Sometimes it’s definitely hard to compare to pre-baby, but I know it’s just a matter of time and effort and I’ll eventually be where I want to be 🙂 I love the angle you look at it: teaching my daughter to take care of your body is important, I love that!

  2. Wow, your soo motivational! You look great! Keep up the good work. When I think about the jean thing, bring snug, I just remind myself that my hips have also expanded, so I got to give it more time for them to fit a little bit better.

    • What a great point: hip def do expand during the pregnancy process! I know that eventually things will get back to the way I want them, just gotta stay motivated and work hard. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • I too struggle to always get food in my mouth because caring for a newborn is all time consuming! Today I planned to eat lunch at 1pm, but by the time I got a chance to finally eat something it was 2pm. lol Hang in there girl, give yourself a break, you will be able to workout soon!

  3. You look fabulous! Feels sooo good to lose all of the weight. Its funny because I weigh less now than pre pregnancy since I had started my journey. I haven’t started working out yet though, so its a long ways before I find abs. Great job mama!

    • Thanks. I know, doesn’t it feel amazing to drop the pounds! Your weight loss is so cool how you were losing weight and getting healthy while pregnant and then have been able to keep it off! You rock! Working out with a newborn is definitely tricky because there are only small windows of the day that it’s possible to squeeze in a workout—and sometimes it’s more fun to just play with baby instead 🙂

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