New Look!


It’s time for a new look for babylute2013!  I did an overhaul on the blog page…it’s a fresh new look now that Winter has been born.

Since Winter has now turned 6 weeks old, I am beginning to feel like a “normal” person again.  Whatever that means!  There is a magic behind 6 weeks…  All of the sudden I have renewed energy for things, and one of those is blogging.  I hope to be officially “BACK” to checking my WP reader regularly now.  I also would like to post monthly Winter updates as well as other “mommy” related things.  I am currently working on Winter’s 1 month update (I know, a few weeks overdue!), so look for that soon.

Much love to you all!  I’ve missed being a regular on WordPress, but I’m officially BACK!



10 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. That’s awesome! I need to do a blog overhaul too and I’m even thinking about changing the name..we will see! Glad you’re back!

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