Thankful – Week 2

I’m already behind on my thankful posts….so here it is, no frills 🙂

Day 8. I’m thankful for Smartphones.  How on earth did we live before we had every answer we needed at the touch of a finger?!?!  I love having a smartphone.

Day 9. I’m thankful for photos.  Photos are very meaningful to me and help me cherish and remember memories.

Day 10. I’m thankful for my Mom.  I love her and appreciate her more than she will ever know.

Day 11. I’m thankful for car seat bases.  When traveling in FL, I didn’t have a base with me, and it made me appreciate my car seat base at home.  So easy compared to not having one!!!

Day 12. I’m thankful for food.  I like to eat.

Day 13. I’m thankful for a breast pump.  I’ll have to write more later about WHY I’m thankful for a breast pump.

Day 14. I’m thankful for air to breathe.  Simple, but true.


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