Airtraveling at 6 Weeks

{QUICK NOTE: This blog post was cut short, so please refer to the next post for the full entry!}

My apologies because Im typing this on my phone…. so expect many typos and silly autocorrects. As I write, Im sitting at our gate at the Orlando airport, awaiting boarding. Unfortuantly we are on a delay due to bad weather in Denver. Joy… But it gives me time to write about my travel experiences.

1. Babies require a lot of stuff.If i were to do it over again, i would pay to have the luxury of a checked bag. I onlt have two hands, so getting rid of my baggage woyld be ideal.

2. Dont travel alone. I didnt have a choice bevause Eric was already in Florida, so Winter and I came down here to join him. But I think Ill avoid solo air travwl with a baby….

Accept help from anyone you can.3.


8 thoughts on “Airtraveling at 6 Weeks

  1. I don’t know how you did it! I am not looking forward to heading home with Hadley by plane in a few weeks. Good job!!

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