I will NOT fall off the blogging world:)

Just a quick update!

Our lives have been a bit hectic lately.  Having a newborn is NO JOKE!  Taking care of this precious little life is a 24/7 job, and I am finding it hard to have much time for other things at the moment.  In the moments I have in between feedings, I try to make sure to get at least these things done….

Daily priorities that are taking over the top of my list:

-Feeding Winter every few hours so she can be healthy (obviously!) — this is my MAIN ROLE right now.

-Take a shower EVERY single day — this is important for me to feel sane.

-Get some form of exercise EVERY single day!!  Sometimes it’s only a walk, other days it has been running outside or inside on my treadmill.  I have yet to make it back to the gym, but I try to do some squats/etc at home in addition to cardio exercise.  Exercise is very important for me for controlling my mood.

-Try to sneak in at least an hour nap at some point during the day (to make up for broken sleep at nighttime).

-Weekly on Wednesdays I make it a priority to go to the breastfeeding support group at the hospital.  This has been amazing because I can get weight checks on Winter and also see how many ounces she consumes during a breastfeeding session.  I also am meeting other new moms.

-Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.  It keeps me healthy and keeps my milk production high.  I also take Fenugreek and Mother’s Milk tea to assist with milk production.

Here are things I WANT to do, but have taken a bit of the back burner:

-Writing thank you cards for meals & gifts that have been generously given since Winter’s birth

-Blogging: responding to comments, writing new posts, and reading other people’s posts (I hope to get this moved up into the priority section very soon!)  I miss my daily reads!  I feel so out of the loop.

-Going to the store.  We are running out of food like crazy here!!  Thankfully we have amazing friends who have been bringing us meals for dinner nearly every day.  I eat the leftovers for lunch, so I’m getting plenty to eat thanks to our friends.  Without them, I’d be scraping by.

So much to write about, so little time….

I am really loving motherhood. I love being Winter’s mom.  It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  When I have a bit more time, I will have to write about some of our struggles that we are going through.  We have had a lot of challenges when it comes to my health (infection, sickness, etc), breastfeeding (having to use a nipple shield, infection, having to pump, etc), Winter’s weight gaining issues (which I think we are finally getting on a good road now!), and the baby blues/my emotional rollercoaster.  All of these things are areas I want to write about to keep you updated, but I just don’t have time at the moment.  Please just be praying for us!  My stress level has been INSANELY high.  It’s just been one thing after the next.  I know that God only gives us as much as we can handle, but I feel like God is trusting me to handle too much!

Love to you all!  I hope to catch up with some of  you soon!


17 thoughts on “I will NOT fall off the blogging world:)

    • Haha, thank you, I appreciate that. It’s funny, I was a blog-aholic while pregnant when I had so much free time. Now I miss my regular free time reading….I hope to be back on here on a regular basis very soon.

  1. Hang in there sweet mama! The newborn stage is definitely challenging, especially when things keep popping up and all the stress that comes with being completely responsible for another person’s life. But once you are able to get sleep again and she gets a bit older it gets so much easier! Just keep trying to remind yourself it is only a phase and that you’re doing a great, great job! If you weren’t exhausted and a little stressed you probably weren’t doing it right 😉 I’m saying prayers for both of us though that God will maybe give us a little less than we can handle lol

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, it means a lot! I’m sure the amount of stress is normal. I am SO looking forward to getting sleep again someday. But I keep reminding myself that this is such a short and sweet stage in life, and I know I’ll miss it terribly once it has passed. I think I’ve also been given some “extra” challenges that I wasn’t expecting and didn’t prepare myself for in regards to breastfeeding. But I know that in a few weeks it will all be worth it!! Your little (well, not so “little”) girl is SO PRECIOUS, by the way! You did a great job on her:)

  2. Gosh, I feel like I could have written this. lol. Except, those are things I want to do but don’t make a priority. I need to though! I’ve been nervous about going to the BF group here because I’ll have to bring both babies and I worry about if they fuss at the same time. Anyone with twins go to yours? Also, I have to know how you shower every day-lol! I guess I have to get over my fear of doing it while they nap.
    Love reading about your progress, as always 🙂 You’re doing amazing.

    • I haven’t seen any twins at my BF group, just singletons. I could see your hesitation in going — that would be HARD! In fact, everything must be at least doubly as hard with twins, you are a rock star, girl! Seriously, I don’t know how you do it. I some days feel like I barely make it through the day with just one baby:) You are doing amazing, mama!

  3. I can relate to so much and I am here to talk whenever! I have been there and know how freaking hard it is! I am so proud of you and the little life you have created! I just know you are doing great. We are still struggling too, but know we are in this together. Love from Arizona. xoxo

    • Thamk Carin!! It’s great knowing that we are all in this together…. It’s so helpful knowing I have friends who understand because they are going through many of the same experiences. We seem to finally be on the upslope, thankfully. I appreciate your encouragement!!!

  4. Same as what Carin said above. And if you ever need to commiserate, holler. Especially about breastfeeding, the nipple shield and weight gain. Oy. Love and prayers to you all!

  5. I promise it gets better and you’ll have more time to do the things you WANT to do. You’re doing an awesome job and the most important priority as you stated is your little one. I started showering at night again as I was able to take a longer shower (after she falls asleep) and it helps me unwind from the day. So I completely understand those things you need to do to feel “normal” again 🙂 I am jealous that you are exercising. That’s one thing I haven’t been able to do yet (other than a few sit-ups here and there) and I know that is always a mood-booster! Keep it going and know that we’re sending prayers your way!

  6. I can’t believe your running already! 🙂 .. I think it’s great your attending a bf group, support is such an important thing. We’ve been having some issues too, but luckily he’s gaining weight. I will be doing a post very soon. Keeping you guys in our thoughts 🙂

    • Thanks. I am so behind. I hope your BF issues are going better. We finally have a good system worked out. I’ll eventually write about it. I’ll have to swing over to your blog to read your post about it too! WHERE IS THE TIME?!?! I’m sure you relate to this, haha!

  7. Do you cycle at all? My husband is an avid cyclist and got me into it. I got a trainer so I could ride my bike indoors. Essentially it makes the bikes stationary and is like taking a spin class at home. Ive been riding my bike a ton on the trainer while pregnant and plan to continue once our daughter is born. Im hoping I can find thr energy to fit in at least 30min during the day while she’s sleeping so I can get some form of exercise. Guess I’ll see how that goes!

    • I’m not much of a cyclist…more a runner and weight lifter. I did buy a treadmill that I’ve been using while Winter sleeps. That helps so I don’t always have to run outside (weather isn’t always good) and don’t have to go to the gym (I’m NOT dropping her off that their gym daycare yet!). Do what works best for you!! It’s tough getting it in, but worth it!

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