Welcome Baby Lute!

Our precious daughter has arrived. Meet Winter Elizabeth Lute. She was born 10/10/13 at 6:37 pm and weighs 7 pounds 2.5 ounces and is 18.5 inches long. Life with her is so full. More to come later. Thanks for the love.IMAG1223


32 thoughts on “Welcome Baby Lute!

  1. I think she looks a bit like you already, sweetie! Congratulations! I knew when I logged into my Feedly and saw a post next to your blog that it would be the announcement you had your little lady…and I was right! P.S. How appropriate that her name is Winter? πŸ˜‰ Rest up, mama! You did great!

    • Thanks Kayla! I do think she favors my features, but she has her daddy’s blue eyes:) We picked the name Winter long time ago because it is extremely fitting:) I can’t wait to tell Winter’s full story of her arrival, it was just perfect!

    • Thanks! I hope to post something more this week and eventually write out her whole birth story too:) She came on the perfect day: 10/10 is a cool birthday, I think. Plus, I picked 10/10 on the baby pool.

  2. Wow she is soooo beautiful! Happy she has finally made her entrance in the world! Precious! And I absolutely love her name!

    • I happen to think she is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen (I’m sure that is how every Mommy feels)! Thank you so much for your kind words. I can’t wait to share more and start baby blogging.

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