BUMP REPORT – 38 Weeks


My age: 27

How far along: 38 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a jackfruit.  She is approximately 19-20 inches long and weighs 6.8 pounds.

What have you been up to: I have been trying to tackle more things on our to-do-before-baby list.  We installed the car seat bases in both vehicles (so the car seat only needs to be clicked in to be all set to go).  We have appointments set up with pediatrician offices to narrow down a baby doctor choice.  Other things I checked off the to-do list: bought a baby book, made a phone list for announcing baby’s arrival, finished the baby announcement mailing list, and I even packed a hospital bag.  I was seriously dragging my feet on packing a bag because in my opinion, as soon as I am “too ready” that means the baby is just going to sense the readiness and arrive early.  Well, I decided I would rather pack a bag in a calm-relaxed state rather than a hasty in-labor stressed state!  So my bag is packed.  I even selected Baby Lute’s going home outfit…it’s an adorable lady bug outfit.

As I mentioned, one of my goals is to get a pediatrician lined up before the baby arrives.  I have meet and greet appointments set up for two different offices within the next few days.  Each of the offices have multiple doctors, so it will be great to meet several and make a selection.  One of the offices is in the same building as my O.B. doctor.  I walked in their office and it seemed like the most fun doctors office I’d ever been to!  It was decorated to the nines to look like a tiki hut or a luau!  How fun!  More importantly than decorations, I will be interested to meet some pediatricians so that way Eric and I can choose the one we feel would be the best to care for our daughter.

I have been all across the board with my moods this week.  I officially had two meltdowns….  One meltdown was because I was panicking that I don’t feel 100% ready for the baby to be born yet.  The uncertainties about me being a good mom as well how drastically life is about to permanently change were overwhelming me.  My second meltdown was after I spent some time shopping at the grocery store and I came home beyond uncomfortable & exhausted — I had a meltdown because at that moment I felt like I just couldn’t handle being hugely pregnant for one day longer!  My poor husband is so amazing in dealing with these mood swings:)  I know that the baby will come at just the RIGHT time.  Plus, God only gives you as much as you can handle, so I know that His timing is perfect.

Now for the random thoughts & things we have been doing….  Forewarning: I am about to post a bunch of random assorted pictures from the past week or so…they may not necessarily piece together that well, but this is my blog.  So sorry if there is lack of cohesion!




Because we have received so many adorable clothes as gifts from our friends and family, we have bought almost NOTHING clothes-wise for the baby.  Well, I broke down and have purchased a few cute things lately.  The two bikinis were on sale at Target & I just couldn’t resist.  I also got some summery outfits (size 9-month) for next summer.



I realized I never posted baby girl’s most recent ultrasound photo from 36 weeks.  Here she is!  Even with a regular 2D sonography, you could still see her face and her eyes opening and closing.  We were so pleased that she was measuring a healthy size!



We have a baby pool set up for friends and family to guess our baby’s birth stats and name.  I did a post last week (https://babylute2013.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/baby-pool-make-your-predictions/) about our baby pool we have going on.  It has been so much fun to have friends, family and fellow bloggers guess our baby’s birth stats and name.  So far some guesses for baby Lute’s name include: Aralyn, Jessica, Avery, Lily, Stephanie, Aspen, Katelyn, Erica, Piper, Audry, Autumn, Lillian, Violet, Lucy, Becky, Adelyn, Genevieve, Hollie, Elizabeth, Kendall, Chloe, Hallie, Ava, Carol and Sequoia.  I LOVE HEARING EVERYONE’S GUESSES!!!  This is just so much fun.  It’s not too late to participate.  Just click on the link to the post and it will give you all the directions to play.



Another bump shot from this week.  I am always just amazed at how this belly keeps on growing!  I take a lot of pictures because I don’t want to forget this time.



For anyone that knows us as a couple, our FAVORITE thing to do in the entire universe together is skiing.  We are ski addicts.  Ski-aholics.  Ski junkies.  Ski bums.  Call it whatever you like–but we are CRAZY OBSESSED with skiing.  It’s almost what defines us as a couple.  We typically purchase season passes and ski an average of 30-35 days per year.  No kidding.  Our obsessive ski lifestyle is about to drastically change with a newborn coming.  We decided that this year we would attempt to ski a mere FOUR DAYS.  So we bought 4-packs to Winter Park/Mary Jane ski resort this week.  I’m excited because I have never skied Winter Park or Mary Jane because it hasn’t been a part of the season pass we typically buy.  When we were buying our 4-packs, the guy at the counter told me he was amazed that I was full-term pregnant because of how well I was getting around.  I told him I’m a runner still—and then he was even more amazed.  Oh, the Colorado lifestyle!




If you missed last week’s BUMP REPORT (https://babylute2013.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/bump-report-37-weeks-full-term/), I did a full picture display of our finished nursery.  It feels SO GREAT to have the nursery complete and ready for baby.  Seriously–all that is left is a baby to sleep in there!  We are proud of how the nursery turned out.  Thank you SO MUCH for all of your sweet comments last week!  We felt so loved by all of the nice things people said.



We had our maternity photoshoot two weeks ago.  The photographer sent us just a short preview to the shoot.  I cannot WAIT to get the full collection and post photos.  If you would like to access the short preview, here is the link: http://dueckphotography.blogspot.com/2013/09/katy-colorado-maternity-photographer.html?m=1





Sorry for the bare-belly shots…but this belly is just HUGE!  I take so many pictures of this belly, it’s probably illegal to take so many.  When I get out of bed in the mornings, my belly is usually very lopsided and sticks out to one side.  In the third picture above I was trying to capture this, but you can’t really tell from the photo.





On Saturday night we went to the Florida Georgia Line/Thompson Square/Luke Bryan concert.  It was the final concert of the 4-pack summer series we had bought.  We love FGL and Luke Bryan.  We had a fun night enjoying the music and hanging out with friends.  Unfortunately there was a chick right next to us to continued to light up and smoke weed joint after joint.  It tried to stay away from her–this baby does NOT need a contact high!  Finally the security guards came over and wrote her a violation because of multiple complaints.  The marijuana smoking ceased from that point on, thankfully.


Exercise/Activity Level: I got my 6 workouts in like usual this week.  And yes, for anyone wondering, yes I am STILL running.  Not beautifully-so, but I am running.  It is getting so much harder day by day.  Some days I feel awesome, and other days I have to take it super easy and scale things back in order to listen to my body.  My pace is uber-slow, but I just feel so grateful that my body is still even letting me run that I don’t care HOW SLOW I am!  I just feel happy to be going still.  My breakdown for the week: 3 runs (2 outdoor, one indoor-treadmill run) and 3 cardio/weight sessions at the gym.

At my doctor’s appointment last week, the O.B. and I had a heart-to-heart about all of this exercise I’m doing.  I wanted to give her an update on my current level of activity and get her honest-to-goodness medical opinion on it.  She is thrilled to hear that I’m still able to run and workout at the level I am going.  She highly encouraged me to keep up the hard work, but simultaneously to listen to what my body is telling me to do.  She said if I need to slow down, then slow down.  Her opinion is that exercise (including running) has tremendous benefits for both me as well as my baby.  She said it will help with my labor & delivery (an overall quicker and easier birth), the baby will be healthier, it keeps pregnancy weight gain under control and it will help me to have a quicker/easier post-natal recovery.  It felt good to hear such positive feedback (and even encouragement) from my doctor.  I know that some people get a little nervous with the amount of exercise I do, but just so everyone is clear, I am medically cleared to do so!

Maternity clothes:  Here is an example of how my maternity clothes are fitting my bump just a tadddddd differently (the same shirt at 28 weeks when I thought I was huge already, and then now at 38 weeks):

3rd Trimester28.38

I actually thought my belly was enormous in the 28 week photo…now it looks tiny next to my current belly!

Stretch marks: None.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I actually make it through un-streaked!  I’m so CLOSE to delivery now!

Belly Button: Outie.

Sleep: Sleep is hit or miss.  I have to get up most nights at least twice.  Sometimes it’s for bladder relief, other times it’s because of extreme hunger pains.

Newest baby milestones this week: Baby is fully developed and is simply getting bigger in the womb.  She will make her grand appearance on the day and the hour that God has picked for her!

Best Moment of the Week: Getting people’s guesses for our baby pool all week.  It’s so much fun having people actively participating in our baby’s birth.  I love hearing all of the name guesses.  If you haven’t yet voted, I’d love to hear from you!

Worst Moment of the Week: My two meltdowns that I mentioned above.

Food cravings: My diet is still healthy and going great.  My 10 Pregnancy Health Goals (https://babylute2013.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/10-pregnancy-health-goals/) have still been going very well and I have stuck to my guns.  I have been staying very true to those goals!  I truly believe the reason I have had basically ZERO HEARTBURN in the past 7 weeks is due to the fact that I eat clean.  Eating healthy makes such a big difference!

Food aversions: None.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions, growing belly, trouble bending over, trouble tying my shoes, calf tightness while running, feeling heavy, etc.

Movement: Lots of baby movement.  As always!  She continues to favor my right side.  I am wondering if I will notice when she starts to “drop”…I don’t think she has quite yet.

Gender: Girl

What I’m looking forward to: I’m looking forward to meeting some pediatricians this week and making a selection for our baby.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Praying for a healthy baby that continues to grow all the way up until her birth.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling nervous jitters about labor/delivery/birth.  I am trying to focus on positives, but frankly, birth is a bit SCARY!  I just want everything to go smoothly….and I don’t want to end up in a C-section.  I know it’s all in God’s hands, and I am trying to let God give me peace that whatever happens is His will.

What I miss: My stable go-with-the-flow-positive mentality.  I don’t like being on an emotional roller coaster.  I am normally so easy going and sane….I hate breakdowns and irrational crying!  I know that even post-natal this won’t go away for a bit, but I am just looking forward to managing my emotions better.

Next appointment: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 @ 11am.  I had my first official pelvic exam at my 37 week appointment last week and discovered that a week ago I was already 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated.  I will be curious to see if there has been any cervical change at this week’s 38 week appointment.

To-do list before baby’s arrival:  THINGS I WANT TO GET DONE THIS WEEK:

-Get out all the parts to the breast pump (sterilize them as well as read all the instructions so I know what I’m doing)

-Make an appointment to get the dog’s hair cut (I need him freshly shaved before the baby arrives)

-Clean the whole house (even though it’s already clean—I just need it CLEAN!!)

-Make final choice about pediatrician





36 thoughts on “BUMP REPORT – 38 Weeks

  1. Oh my gosh, your almost there!! I think it’s nerve wrecking to think about labor / delivery too. I’ve been keeping in mind that God is who gives me strength and will get me through. Hopefully that helps when it’s time and the pain is present.. Haha..

  2. I’m right there with you with the meltdowns. This morning I lost it with my husband because he ate all the peanut butter. Wow. Also, I’m also going through the interviewing pediatrician thing. It just seems like one more thing to schedule…ugh! I found one whom I LOVE, but she is out-of-network, so not sure I want to pay the extra co-pay. Grrr.

    You look AMAZING btw! Ready to pop and still looking gorgeous 🙂

    • Who knew finding a pediatrician was such a job?! It felt like my week was super busy because of all these extra ped appointments. We did settle on one though:) Hope you also had success in finding one.

      I would have a MAJOR meltdown if I was in your peanut butter situation!! I am obsesses with apples & pb, so that is PURE justification for a meltdown in my opinion!

      You are looking great too! Getting close!

  3. Great idea about doing the breast pump sterilizing/instruction reading ahead of time! I definitely regretted not doing that when we were in the kitchen boiling all the breast pump pieces at 2 am… 😛

  4. Everything is PERFECT!!! Your maternity photos turned out beautiful. I have a friend doing mine this weekend, I hope to get a few good shots. You look great, room looks so beautiful, and I am so excited for you!

  5. Oh my goodness, I think it’s going to happen soon! You are going to be a rockstar mom, don’t worry! You look fab, and I’m so impressed you are still running. Love the maternity shots. Looking forward to seeing the next photos of Baby Lute!



    • I saw your guess on the baby pool is for TOMORROW! I don’t know, maybe it could happen, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for an October baby. Not sure why, since we are technically ready for her to be born. I guess we will see if the next post is a bump report or a baby report, haha!

  6. So stinking cute as usual!! Can I just say how jealous I am of the no stretch marks. I’m pretty sure at this point if you don’t have any you’re going to be fine! I was definitely not so lucky with Damian but I don’t think I’ve gotten any new ones. Oh well, worth it in the end but still would loved to have skipped that part haha

    I’m sorry the emotional roller coaster is going full swing now. You’re right about it not getting much better after the baby arrives, but the fact that you’ve got a loving and supportive husband will make all the difference. Nate was so sweet to me and even though there were times even that made me crazy, his patience kept everything going relatively smoothly. Hang in there! Hey, there are only a few times in your life you can act like a crazy woman and get away with it haha Or at least that’s what I say 😉

    • I’m not sure how I’ve lucked out to have no stretch marks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one doesn’t magically appear right at the very end. I must say though, a woman who has stretch marks from pregnancy sure has earned her stripes!!! So embrace them. Although hopefully sounds like you might not get any more with your second pregnancy since you are this far in!

      As far as the emotional roller coaster goes, I think it’s getting worse and worse as the weeks go on, haha. Thank the Lord for amazing husbands. I don’t understand how single people have babies… Thank you so much for your encouraging words, you are so sweet!

    • I know, I am getting excited…but I think she is content to stay in the womb for a bit longer. Soon, though! Thanks for posting your birth story, I loved every word of it, btw! Hadley is such a precious little girl and I’m so glad everything went smoothly for you. Gets me excited that maybe I’ll have a good birth experience too.

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