Please pray for this sweet couple & their baby girl


Forewarning: do not read if you are faint of heart.

I do not know Kevin and Lindsey personally, but they are friends of a friend.  I came across their story and it really touched me.  The reason why I am writing about them this morning is because I know that they need as many prayers as they can get today.  So please pray for this couple and their sweet baby girl, Sophie.

Kevin and Lindsey had their 20 week anatomy ultrasound several months ago to find out the joyous news that they were expecting a baby girl.  On the same day they also discovered the most devastating news of their life: their baby has a condition that will cause her to die within minutes, hours or days of her birth.

Here are the details of the condition found on Lindsey’s blog:

“Our little girl has what’s called anencephaly, where her brain and skull have not developed and will not develop unless God intervenes, there is no cure or treatment for this particular defect.  God has been so sweet to us over the past few days and used the body of Christ to minister to our hearts in such profound and rich ways.   He is GOOD.  He is KIND.  He is NEAR.  Our story with our daughter is only just beginning as the news of whats to come sinks in more and more.   There are so many people grieving with us, praying for us and our daughter that I decided it was time to write the things the Lord has been doing in our hearts and life, for my own heart and to declare the Lord’s goodness to us, to let you into our journey as we trust the Lord to walk us through this season.” –from Lindsey & Kevin’s blog

It is truly amazing how this couple has leaned on their faith throughout the pregnancy.  They are praying for a miracle.  They have prepared their hearts for Sophie’s death, but they hold out strong hope that God might intervene and perform a miracle beyond their dreams.  God can work miracles, so I ask you today to please lift up Kevin, Lindsey and baby Sophie today in prayer.  Even if baby Sophie does pass away (as medically expected), pray for the couple in their period of grief over losing their daughter.

At 42 weeks into her pregnancy, Lindsey was induced yesterday, and the most recent blog update this morning shows that labor is still progressing.  Please pray for the labor and delivery process as that is happening today (Saturday, August 31).  Pray for strength for Lindsey as she labors.  Pray for Sophie to be strong.  Pray for Kevin to be a strong supportive role to his gals.  And overall, pray for the couple and their family to accept whatever happens as God’s will.  God’s plan is perfect.

Again, you can find Lindsey’s blog here:

UPDATE (9/3/13): Baby Sophia Kyla was born in the early hours of September 1, 2013 via c-section.  Her parents were so delighted to greet her into the world.  Sophie lived a full 10 hours before she passed on into the arms of Jesus.  The proud parents hopes of her living and recovering from her condition were shattered, but they will continue to glorify Christ through this storm.  They are so utterly grateful for the 10 hours they got to know her on this earth.  Please continue to lift their family up in prayer.


3 thoughts on “Please pray for this sweet couple & their baby girl

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing their story. They are in my prayers as they go through this..God can indeed work a miracle. Their faith and strength is inspiring as they hold on to God during this time..

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