BUMP REPORT – 33 Weeks

33weeksdurianPREGNANCY WEEK 33

My age: 27

How far along: 33 weeks (countdown – 7 weeks left)

How big is baby: the size of a durian.  Hopefully not as spiky as a durian. 🙂 Baby is 17.5 inches long and weighs approximately 4.5 pounds.

What have you been up to: Florida beach life.  This week was more of the usual.  My days consist mainly of going to the beach, going to the pool, exercising and reading (and I throw in some cleaning and laundry on a regular basis too).  Honestly I couldn’t be more content.  I thought I might be bored of this trip by 4 weeks in, but I am far from bored.  I feel so blessed and grateful for this time to relax and grow this baby!

We had an O.B. appointment on Friday.  The doctor said everything looks great with the baby.  Her heartbeat was 151 bpm and belly fundal height was 34 cm.  34 cm, WHOA!  That is a jump from last visit two weeks ago when the fundal height was 30.5 cm.  Guess this baby is growing like a weed!!  My mom and sister both speculated that different individuals’ measurements may vary though, so take the number with a grain of salt.  The measurement was taken by the nurse practitioner last time, whereas the doctor did it this time.  Also, exciting news: the doctor ordered an ultrasound for us!  She thinks it would be good to check on baby and make sure everything looks good before another 30-hour roadtrip.  We go on Thursday for the ultrasound.  We are so excited!!

On Saturday we drove down to Fort Lauderdale to visit an old friend from college.  This friend is someone I hadn’t seen in over 6 years since we live in different states!  It was fun to see him and meet his wife and their 3 kiddos.  We spent the day hanging out in their pool, taking the dogs to the dog park and fishing in their pond (well, I didn’t fish, but Eric did).  It was fun.

Exercise/Activity Level: I did my usual 6 days of exercise this week.  100% of those workouts were INSIDE!  This Florida heat and humidity is unbearable to try to brave an outdoor workout, unless I wake up early (which we know isn’t happening these days), so the gym it is!  I did 3 days of running and 3 days of weights/cardio.  Doing my running in the gym on the treadmill has been kind of a nice change of pace.  I feel that running on the treadmill gives my joints a bit better cushion than running on concrete or asphalt.  Plus, a perk of running inside is temperature control!!  The gym is not only air conditioned, but there are also fans that you can blow directly on you!  Heaven!

My running felt very successful this week.  One of my runs I felt really accomplished when I ran 16 minutes straight before breaking for a walking bout.  Then on my run on Sunday, I felt even MORE accomplished when I ran for 26 minutes straight before breaking for a walking bout.  I feel so proud of myself!  On my runs this week I ran an average of 3 miles and walked 0.5 to 1 miles, totaling about 3.5-4 miles.

Maternity clothes:  Swimwear 90% of the time.  Funny story…on Friday I wore a maternity shirt that I will not be wearing again.  It no longer fits my belly.  It kept creeping up and exposing the lower part of my bump.  That was frustrating!

Stretch marks: None.

Belly Button: It is fickle…in or out depending on how I’m standing, lying or sitting.

Sleep: I’m sleeping great!  I have a rule that I am not allowed to drink any fluids past 9pm to potentially avoid a million pee breaks in the middle of the night.  I usually gulp down a few last drinks of water at about 8:45pm, trying to get in the rest of my allotted water for the day!

Apparently I did a weird thing one night during my sleep.  Eric said I jumped up and stood on top of the bed.  He panicked and asked if I was ok… (in my sleep) I responded with: “I’m just putting these things on this shelf.”  (There is NO SHELF above the bed!)  I have zero recollection of this incident.  Poor husband, he thought something was wrong!

Newest baby milestones this week: Baby keeps her eyes open during wake periods and keeps eyes closed during sleep periods.  The amniotic fluid is maxed out by this point in pregnancy, providing less cushioning.  Her immune system is continuing to develop and perfect itself.  Her bones are hardening – getting ready for life outside the womb!  Our little girl is hiccuping at least once per day if not two or three times per day now.

Best Moment of the Week:  Spending a lot of quality time with my husband over the weekend was so refreshing.  It was fun to go out on the beach and relax together!  I do a lot of beach & pool time by myself (or with Eric at night after work), but the weekend is just more fun to spend the ENTIRE day together!



Worst Moment of the Week: I can’t recall anything negative from this week.

Food cravings: I am doing really well with my eating goals.  So much so that the number on the scale at my doctor visit showed a bit of improvement (that is a great feeling!).  I haven’t had strong sugar cravings and I still haven’t eaten any sweets in 2 weeks!  I find myself going for peaches, apples with peanut butter and vanilla greek yogurt.

Food aversions: None.

Symptoms: Braxon Hicks contractions are becoming more of a regular thing now.  My belly is growing rapidly, I pee a lot, have trouble bending over and getting up from sitting, and I rarely get mild heartburn.

Movement: Lots of rolling, twisting and stretching going on in there.  I can tell she is running out of space.  She still loves my right side — she pushes her whole hips & butt into my right side all the time.  It’s to the point where I have to lean to the left so my ribs don’t feel like they are going to pop out on my right side!  She just loves her spot!

Gender: Girl

What I’m looking forward to: I’m excited that my sister Melody and her husband Andrew are coming to visit for a week.  They arrive on Wednesday night.  It will be fun to spend time with them!

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Nada.  Just praying regularly for a healthy baby.

What I miss: Being able to bend over and pick things up off the floor.

Next appointment: Thursday, August 22nd at 1pm for an ultrasound.  I am SO EXCITED to see baby girl!  We haven’t had an ultrasound since 19 weeks, so this feels like a huge deal to us.




6 thoughts on “BUMP REPORT – 33 Weeks

  1. Gorgeous mama! I am so happy to hear that things are going so well. It’s so awesome that you are still running! I too am eating the same snacks and treats you are! I LOVE apples with sunflower butter and yogurt with nuts and granola. YUM! It feels so much better to have cut out my huge portions of ice cream and chocolate.

    I can’t wait to see your ultrasound photos!!!

    • I totally agree, healthy eating is so much mote satisfying! My sister and her husband are here visiting, and last night while everyone ate I’ve cream, I ate my “dessert” of Greek yogurt. Eating healthy has really helped my energy stay high and my weight in check!

      The ultrasound went really well! Baby measured 4 lbs 7 oz yesterday. The sonographer even turned on the 4D imaging for a little bit! That was neat to see her open and close her eyes and even make a sad face! I’ll post one of the pictures on my blog soon.

  2. Still jealous of all of the beach life you are soaking in, my time is coming! (although its not a Florida beach) You look great, and you climbing on to the bed cracks me up. I used to be quite the sleep walker, hopefully I don’t start that up anytime soon. You’ll probably find me crawled into the fridge though for a late night snack and a cool nap 😉 Cant wait to see your ultrasound pics!

    • Haha that’s hilarious about the fridge! I used to be a big sleepwalker too, so I wonder if pregnancy is bringing it back out in me.

      When do you guys make the big move? That will be cool living near the beach, although you are giving up mountains for it. One or the other are both good options!

      Ultrasound pics coming soon! It was so cool seeing baby girl! She is still head down and much bigger than our last ultrasound.

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