My 7 favorite pregnant bloggers

The Pregnancy Blogging World.  When I first became pregnant, I knew right away that I wanted to document my pregnancy with a blog.  As soon as I got a positive pregnancy test, this blog was created (it was a secret blog until I was 13 weeks along).  I try not to post a lot of pregnancy updates to facebook, but rather direct people to this blog for all the ins and outs of my pregnancy.  Little did I know that I would find other ladies who were also documenting their pregnancies via blogs just like me!  It has been such a ball to keep up with other pregnant ladies.  It sort of feels like we are all going through this together.  Even though I have never met a single one of these girls in person, I feel as if I know them because we read up on each other’s lives/pregnancies regularly.  It feels so GREAT to get positive comments, uplifting words and motivation from these gals!  Here are my favorite 7 pregnant bloggers:

Kearney Keepings (

KearneyKeepingsKearney Keepings – Becky is 34 weeks pregnant with a little boy.  She is so sweet and uplifting whenever she comments on my blog (or other ladies’ blogs).  Every week when I read her weekly “Bumpdate” I always am left laughing or crying — or both!

The Baby Doctor’s Wife (

BabydoctorswifeThe Baby Doctor’s Wife – Carin is married to a pediatrician and is 30 weeks pregnant with her first baby, a little girl “Miss Nugget.”  She continually  keeps me motivated to keep on moving!  She is a fitness enthusiast who still runs and works out daily. 

Beer, Bait and Books (

beerbaitbooksBeer, Bait and Books – Summer is 35 weeks pregnant.  She and her husband have decided to keep their baby’s gender a surprise until birth.  She is such a fun and positive personality type.  I always end up laughing when she writes something funny in her blog — which is a lot! 

Life as a Curious Katie (

curiouskatieLife as a Curious Katie — Katie is 37 weeks pregnant and only weeks/days from meeting her little daughter!  She does weekly updates with her chalkboard, which I love (especially since I also do chalkboard updates).  She is a really sweet girl and I’m sure will have the sweetest little daughter.

All in the Family (

allinfamilyAll in the Family — She is also due in October with their first baby.  She has the cutest maternity fashion and I’m always entertained by her weekly updates.  She has a goal to complete 60 minutes of exercise per day, which is really inspiring!

A Written Purpose (

writtenpurposeA Written Purpose — Mary Helen is pregnant with her 2nd child, a little girl!  She is also a runner just like me.  Her son Damian is the cutest little boy with his curly hair.  MH always is so uplifting and sweet.

Sparkley Pink Lemons (

sparkleypinklemonsSparkley Pink Lemons — I love her tagline “turning lemons into sparkling moments…”  This dietitian is having a baby boy this fall.  Her blog is full of DIY and recipes.  I always enjoy reading through her blog!


19 thoughts on “My 7 favorite pregnant bloggers

  1. Thank you!!! I love reading your blog and I totally feel like us girls are connected although we have never met. My husband said “wouldn’t it be great if you girls could all have a blogging conference and actually meet?”. I definitely would LOVE that! I feel like we have created a great community where we can be there for each other! xooxoxox

      • I LOVE it! It would be fun to eventually all meet (esp. once the cute little babies are here!)! I just love that there are other gals like you all who I can relate to. I always feel so uplifted by kind words/comments on my blog. Pregnancy isn’t easy, but having other people to go through pregnancy with is a blast!

    • This is sorta how I found other pregnant bloggers too—someone else did a similar post a couple of months ago, which is how I found many of these ladies:) It’s so much fun to have a community!!

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you for including me in this list – you are definitely on mine. You totally made my day. I also agree that I feel like we are all going through this together and I feel like I really know you and some of the other girls I follow. I hope you keep up blogging after baby is born as I intend to so we can see our little ones grow up!

    • Yeah it is exciting to think that pretty soon these pregnancy blogs are going to turn into mommy blogs. I can’t wait until all of our babies are born–then we can compare notes on being moms! And they will all be about the same age (give or take a month or two).

  3. Great post! I love our little mommy-to-be blogging group… it’s crazy how much I look forward to seeing everyone’s updates and hearing how things are going! Thanks for saying such sweet things about me. I had a bit of a rough morning, so reading this definitely put me in a better mood and I really needed that! 🙂

    • I’m sorry you were having a rough morning, but glad I could in some small way help cheer you up! I totally stole this “favorite bloggers” post idea from you. I remember you did one like this a while ago, which is how I found some of these other blogs.

  4. (Please forgive me, I am just getting caught up on my blog reading!). Thank you so much for including me on your list — totally made my day! Thanks also for highlighting some new faces/blogs for me to add to my daily readings. As life temporarily slows down for me, I look forward to being a more active participant in the online community!

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