BUMP REPORT – 24 Weeks


My age: 27

How far along: 24 weeks

How big is baby: the size of an ear of corn.  She is 12.5 inches long and weighs 1.25 pounds.

Exercise/Activity Level: This past week I exercised 5 days.  I’ve had a super hectic week with my work schedule being back to long-hours (leave the house at 7:30am and get home at 7:30pm Mondays through Thursdays!)…  So I didn’t get my usual 6 workouts in, but honestly the fact that I managed to get 5 workouts in this week was pretty incredible.  Those 5 days were mostly outdoor running.  I think I did 4 outdoor runs and only 1 gym workout with weights/cardio.  Running is getting slower and slower as time progresses, but I’m okay with that.  I think I might need to invest in a pregnancy support belt too since my belly feels heavy with every step I run.  I’m going to start researching those once I find a free bit of time!  Overall, I feel GREAT when it comes to exercise.  I know that all of this activity is keeping my baby and I super healthy.  I love the feeling of being healthy! 

Maternity clothes:  Yes, yes, yes.  I don’t really think non maternity works anymore for me.  This belly is growing so much more rapidly in the past few weeks that the name of the game is: LONG SHIRTS!  Non maternity shirts are simply too short now.  I try to still squeeze into regular shirts when I run or go to the gym, but I realized it might be about time to invest in a few workout tops in a bigger size (and of course long enough to cover my ever expanding belly).

Stretch marks: None.

Belly button: Innie.  Becoming more shallow and I think it’s going to be popping out before I hit 30 weeks.

Sleep: Sleeping is still pretty good.  My body pillow is my friend.  I’m not waking up a ton for bathroom needs, but I’m sure this will not last too much longer.

Newest baby milestones this week: On Sunday I was sitting on the couch and gasped when I looked down at my belly and could SEE (with my eyes!!!) the baby’s movements.  I obviously feel her moving all of the time and can feel her from the outside, but this was a new one.  SEEING the movements through my skin and my clothes was an out of this world experience!  How neat!

Best Moment of the Week:  My best moment of this past week was getting to spend 5 days with my brother Luke, sister in law Ellen and their two kids David and Emily.  My nephew David is almost 2 and my neice Emily is almost 4 months.  This is only my second time meeting David and it’s my first time meeting Emily since they live out of the country.  The past several days of spending time with Luke, Ellen, David and Emily has been such a FUN and fabulous time together!  It makes me sad that I see them on such a rare occasion, but thankfully Skype closes that gap a little bit for when they go back home.  Over our 5 days, we went to Sports Authority Fieldhouse (Bronco’s stadium), went for runs & hikes, went to a water park, went to a lake (beach & kayaking), went to church, checked out a car show, witnessed a car accident while we were on a walk, went to the Tim McGraw concert, went shopping, played games, went to Red Rocks park, watched movies, changed diapers and ate lots of good food!  It was such a blast spending time with them!


Here is a photo of Luke, Ellen, David and Emily from this weekend.


Eric and I LOVED spending time with my nephew and niece!


My nephew David is almost 2 years old.  He is such a character…how cute is he?!


Eric got to spend a lot of time with my niece Emily.  She is almost 4 months and is the sweetest little girl ever:)  He got in some good practice for our baby who is only a few months away.


Me and Emily = twins with our roses


My brother and his beautiful family at the water park.  They are picture perfect!

Worst Moment of the Week: My worse moment of the week was when I was at the gym.  I was on the leg curl machine when this older man walked up to me and said, “Wow, your belly is getting big.  By the end of your pregnancy you are going to be huge!  Your husband must be really tall.”  It really hurt my feelings that he used the words “big” and “huge.”  Now I get that he mentioned the “tall husband” part which should have kept me from feeling so hurt and offended, but I literally started tearing up as soon as he walked away.  People just have no filter when it comes to pregnancy.  I can’t stand this guy and I will avoid that old fart at all costs when I’m at the gym now:)  Haha!  And for the record, I don’t have a tall husband.

Food cravings: Strawberries, peaches, greek yogurt, milk and chocolate.

Food aversions: Chicken.

Symptoms: My belly is growing SO FAST that I’m shocked at the rate of growth!  Even people at work are telling me that my belly seems to be expanding rapidly all of the sudden.  I agree.  In addition to rapid belly growth, other symptoms I’m noticing are: occasional heartburn, sore low back, difficulty getting comfortable when sitting down on the couch, more frequent trips to the bathroom, soreness/aching around my ribcage and tight calf muscles during running.

Movement: I can’t believe how much this baby moves!  She is a little feisty thing!  She is awake and kicking and flipping around so much more lately than in previous weeks.  Imentioned earlier that her movement is now VISIBLE from the outside.  Crazy.

Gender: Girl

What I’m looking forward to: I’m looking forward to my work slowing down eventually.  I’ve been working much longer hours while also training two new employees (they will eventually replace me when I leave).  I am exhausted and feel like I’m pushing myself to the max.  Thankfully the gals I’ve been training are really amazing employees who are quick learners.  That does make things better.  So these longer hours and demanding workload due to training is only temporary.  I’m looking forward to a slow down here in a few weeks.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: I’ve been praying that God will help me when I’m feeling exhausted and strung out from work.  I don’t want to take out my exhaustion in the form of a grouchy mood on my poor husband.  I am working on this and praying that God will keep me sane!

What I miss: I miss working less:)

Next appointment: Friday, June 21.  I will be interested to see what has changed since I haven’t been to the O.B. in 5 weeks!



4 thoughts on “BUMP REPORT – 24 Weeks

  1. Some people say such stupid things! I swear they don’t even hear the words or think about how they might come across! My boss at work is constantly saying things about how big I am and that when she was pregnant, she never got that big. And my mom… she always calls me “Big Momma” – ugh, I hate that!

    It helps a lot to remind myself that some people just aren’t good at socializing with pregnant women and that they wouldn’t even be saying anything if that didn’t care. Everyone means well, even though it’s hard to believe that sometimes. I always like to think that no one’s opinion really matters to me except for my husband’s. He’s who I want to please the most… if he’s happy, then I’m happy. 🙂

    And btw, I think you look amazing! Seriously – “glowing” is what I always think when I see your bump pictures. Your husband must be so proud to have such a beautiful pregnant wife!

    • You are so right: people just aren’t good at socializing with pregnant women!! It’s amazing the things that will come out of people’s mouths. Sorry about your “big momma” nickname…that would bother me too.

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I really appreciate the encouraging words. You are one of the cutest pregnant women I’ve seen, by the way!! You make pregnancy look so good! I’m sure your husband is also proud.

  2. haha aww sweetheart I’m sorry about the guy at the gym. Old men are the worst! They really have no filter at all and when you’re pregnant it’s like you attract them or something. I think you look stunning! Also, how cool is it when you can see your belly move! I love it! (Ok it’s a little weird, but still just amazing!)

    • Thank you so much. Old people are the WORST because they just say exactly what is on their mind. They aren’t trying to impress anyone, so their offensive statements don’t phase them. You also are looking great!! Exciting to hear you are getting a baby girl:)

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