Grandma loves you

ImageMy mom sent me the sweetest card after she found out our baby is a girl.  The card is written not to me, but to our baby.  I started tearing up as I read through it.  This is my parent’s 10th grandchild and it will be my in-laws’ first grandchild.  This baby is already loved by so many people.  This card is just a nice reminder that our baby holds the hearts of other besides Eric and I.  My mom writes:

“She’s A Girl!

This is wonderful exciting news!!  A little precious Baby Lute.  You are a miracle, special made creation in your mother’s womb.  You are our 2nd grand daughter with 8 grandsons.  Yes you are special.  A first Lute grandbaby at that.  Being a “first born” you will have many responsibilities.  But that will come later.  Right now you are safe in your room and it is your job to grow & listen to your mother’s voice (dad’s too).  You have loving parents and a great God to get to know.  I love you and will be praying for you as I have been.

Love, Grandma”


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