Gender Prediction Quiz!

ImageWe are just days away (less than a week!) from our big ultrasound!  For fun, my friend helped me take a 15-question-quiz to predict the baby’s gender last night.  Here is the quiz and my answers:

1. How pointy is your bump (are you carrying high or low)? – Unsure quite yet (maybe more on the high side??)

2. Do you know the baby’s heart rate? – 140’s-150’s at last appointment

3. How has your skin changed during pregnancy? – I guess it has gotten better since I’m not on any acne medication and my face is pretty clear even without it.

4. Did you have a lot of nausea? – Yes, the 1st trimester was really nauseating!

5. Do you have any cravings? – Sweets and fruits.

6. Are you legs extra hair during pregnancy? – No, they are the same as usual.

7. Does your husband have more brothers or sisters? – Brothers (one).

8. What is the shape of your bump (out front verses all in legs/butt/thighs)? – More out front I guess.

9. How has your face changed during pregnancy? – I’ve been told it’s more full.

10. Are your feet more cold or less cold during pregnancy? – No change.

11. Do you crave fruits and sweets or salt and meats?  – Fruits and sweets

12. Is the baby’s dad gaining weight? – No.

13. Has your nose increased in size? – No.

14. Has your chest stayed the same, grown or shrunk during pregnancy? – Grown.

15. Is your urine bright or dull colored? – Bright if I’m dehydrated, dull if hydrated.


RESULTS ARE IN!!  (According to this quiz):

Congratulations, after evaluating all of your answers, we can conclude that there is a 66.7% chance that it’s going to be a GIRL and a 33.3% chance that it is going to be a BOY.



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