My age: 27

How far along: 17 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a pear (or a turnip or an onion depending on the source).  Baby is 5.1 inches long and weighs 5.9 ounces (big growth spurt!)

Exercise/Activity Level: I love working out.  It makes me feel collected and under control.  Pregnancy hormones can leave you emotionally drained, but it’s nice that exercise helps keep my sense of sanity and stability.  This past week I got in 6 days of workouts.  Three of those days were outdoor running, one day was stair climbing at Red Rocks Amplitheatre (talk about SORE calf muscles for days) and two of the days were cardio/weights at the gym.  One of my running days was a heavily snow run (thanks crazy Colorado weather in late April!) and one of the runs this week was running the Rock ‘N Run 5K in sunshine and 70+ degrees….talk about opposite weather patterns.  (The other run was a gorgeous weather day too, can’t complain.)


Me at the 5K race over the weekend.

Maternity clothes: I have been wearing a lot of the items I purchased at Ross last week.  I really like the clothes I bought.  I feel so much more comfortable when I wear maternity vs. non-maternity clothes.  I can still easily pull off non-maternity with the use of my belly band, but it’s just not as comfortable.  The belly band tends to shift around, PLUS, it’s just weird to me walking around with unbuttoned pants on!  I have had a few offers for borrowing maternity clothes from friends, so I’m excited to see some of those start coming through.  It will be nice to have a better selection of clothes to wear.  It’s sometimes sad to walk into my closet and look at all the clothes that don’t quite work anymore.  I might have to put them out of sight…we will see.

Stretch marks: None.

Belly button: Innie.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping like a rock this week.  I feel so lucky!  My crazy dreams are endless though.  Every night I’ve got some bizarre chain of events occurring in my brain.

Best moment of the week: Getting to hear our baby’s heartbeat at our O.B. appointment the other day.  It is so exciting to hear him/her!

Food cravings: Fruits.  I often have a delimma where I just “DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT” and it drives me (and my poor husband) insane.  I’m starving but cannot figure out what I’m starving for.

Food aversions: I still can’t stand the idea of chicken.  Eric told me he missed chicken and I told him it’s okay for him to eat it, just don’t think I’m going to share any of it!

Symptoms: I was getting a stomach ache every evening about 6pm for several days.  My doctor said that it’s probably that I’m not eating frequently enough.  She said eat something small every 2 hours.  So I’m trying to eat a peice of fruit or string cheese or something to keep my stomach working.  It has helped.

Movement: None yet.  I am keeping my eyes peeled for it though.

Gender: Unknown.  We scheduled our anatomy ultrasound though….only 2 weeks away!

What I’m looking forward to: I’m looking forward to our ultrasound!  It will be so fun to see our baby.  I think it will make everything feel more real!  Somehow it still hasn’t quite HIT ME that I’m having a baby.  I definitely know I’m pregnant and the end result is a baby, but that reallly hasn’t hit me over the head yet.  Maybe seeing the baby on the ultrasound will give me that realization.  Plus, it’s exciting to be able to find out the baby’s gender too.

What I’m nervous about: My emotions have me up and down about my body changing.  I just want to stop feeling nervous that I’m going to be as big as a house.  This is going to be a never ending battle for me.

What I miss: Nothing comes to mind!

Next appointment: Tuesday, May 14 at 9:00 a.m.!  The BIG DAY!



2 thoughts on “BUMP REPORT – Week 17

  1. Starving, but don’t know what you want to eat… I’ve been there, way too many times! Lately though, I get so hungry and actually kinda shaky that it really doesn’t matter what I’m eating so long as it’s edible!

    The next 2 weeks will go by so fast and soon you will know, boy or girl! 🙂

    • Yes, the food indecision is driving me crazy! I just wish I could pinpoint what I’m craving! That stinks that you get so hungry it’s to the point of shakiness, I guess that’s when it’s good to have snacks around at all times. And thanks, I’m hoping these two weeks zoom by!

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