Doctor Appointment


Today we went to the O.B. for our monthly prenatal visit.  It feels like each month passes by slowly in between visits.  Today’s appointment lasted longer than last month’s appointment, which was nice.  Last time the appointment was literally about 5-10 minutes and that was it.  We listened to the heart beat, and bam, done!  Today, we spent a lot of time talking and then we ended up getting to hear baby’s heartbeat (or “babe’s heartbeat” as the nurse practitioner kept saying).  We could instantly get a good read on “babe’s” heartbeat, and then he/she squirmed away.  The baby kept moving around, but she was able to pick the heartbeat up on the doppler a few more times.  Little L’s heartbeat was 150 bpm.

We asked about our 20-week appointment.  She said that we could schedule the 20-week anatomy ultrasound for 19 or 20 weeks.  Of COURSE we chose 19 weeks!  So in only 2 and a half weeks we will finally get to see our baby!!!!  So exciting.  We will also be able to find out the baby’s gender at that time.  I’m thrilled that it’s only a few weeks away!!!


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