Week 16, wow!!  40% complete!  I must say I am getting REALLY excited that I’m finally looking pregnant (at least to me!)…up until now I have feel insecure about my changing body.  But now that my baby is growing and making my belly more pronounced, it makes me feel more excited and less “fat” feeling.  Eric and I are also getting excited to find out if baby Lute is a girl or a boy in just a few weeks.  I’m going to see if my doctor is willing to budge on the 20-week mark and see if we can try for 18 or 19 weeks.  I doubt it, but here’s for trying!  We have our 16 (and a half) week appointment this week, so I will ask.  -Katy

My age: 27

How far along: 16 weeks

How big is baby: the size of an avocado.  He/she is approximately 4.6 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces.  That’s an entire ounce growth since last week!

Exercise/Activity Level: I did a booty scupt workout (DVD at home) that involved a bajillion squats one day this week…and let me tell ya, I was sore for DAYS!!  lol  My quads were so sore that I felt as if I were walking like an old lady!  Because of my soreness, I took a day or two off this week from working out, but I made up those days over the weekend.  So I still got in 5 days of exercise this week.  On Sunday I was running and thought I had a runny nose…NOPE!  It turned out to be a bloody nose!  Apparently nose bleeds are a normal part of pregnancy.  I started turning on our humidifer again, so hopefully that will help me avoid nose bleeds!  I don’t need a bloody massacre in the middle of a public park, that can raise some eyebrows!

Maternity clothes: I went to Ross this past week on a mission.  I accomplished my mission in STYLE!  For $80, I got: 2 pairs of skinny jeans (one dark wash, one medium wash), 3 well-cut t-shirts (the white shirt I’m wearing in my pic this week is one), 1 pair of black skinny capris, 2 pairs of leggings and one dressier shirt/sweater.  I feel like a scored big time!  Now I know my quest isn’t over as I will need more clothing later, but I’m still hoping to be able to borrow maternity clothes from some friends to fill in the gray areas.

Stretch marks: None.

Belly button: Innie.

Sleep: Sleep is fairly good.  I occasionally wake up at 3am and just lie there wide awake though.

Best moment of the week: Talking with a family member from back home and having a great talk.

Food cravings: Still eating a ton of fruits!!

Food aversions: I saw a chick-fil-a bag on a movie the other night and just about gagged.  Seriously, it was just a bag, and it was on TV, not even in the room!  No chicken for this chick.

Symptoms: Got my first nose bleed this week while running outside.  I also notice that my back starts to get uncomfortable when I am sitting for too long.  This weekend I had a headache that was unbearable for on-and-off 24 hours, that was MISERABLE!  My belly is growing, so I am noticing I get out of breath easily now…all that crowding of my lungs is making it harder to breathe!

Movement: None.  Hopefully soon, though!  They say 16-20 weeks is when most first time moms will feel movement for the first time.

Gender: Unknown.  We are supposed to find out at our 20 week visit.  It’s close yet so far away!

What I’m looking forward to: Watching my baby grow and grow.  It will be fun when people start to actually NOTICE I’m pregnant.  At church yesterday, there were two ladies (and I’m sure others) who probably are wondering if I’m pregnant or not.  But they probably won’t ask until I’m bigger, just to be safe!

What I’m nervous about: Nothing.  I feel happy and content!

What I miss: Not much.  There was one time this week I really wished I could have a drink, but I think that desire is pretty rare for me since I’ve never been a huge drinker.

Next appointment: Friday, April 26th, this week!  Then we will schedule our 20 week ultrasound…the BIG REVEAL!



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