My age: 27

How far along: 14 weeks

How big is baby: the size of a lemon (which in my opinion seems smaller than a peach) – baby is 3.4 inches long

Exercise/Activity Level: This week I have continued with working out everyday without missing! I feel great when I run, so I try to get in two days of outdoor running in and at least 3 days of gym time. We will probably ski one or two more days before the ski resorts start closing for the season. Over the weekend Eric and I went for a struous STRAIGHT UPHILL hike and I was huffing and puffing.

Maternity clothes: For work I wear my maternity dress pants (I have two pairs) with a regular top. For non work, I try to wear my regular jeans/clothes with my belly band.

Stretch marks: None.

Belly button: Innie.

Sleep: Eric and I switch which side of the bed we sleep on fairly regularly. I found that sleeping on the left side of the bed (which is actually MY side) gives me better nights of sleep this week. I think I’ll stick to that side.

Best moment of the week: Sharing our pregnancy news publicly on facebook was amazing. The feedback we got blew us away! We got over 150 “likes” and over 50 comments of such nice words. It feels great to share with our friends and family.

Food cravings: Cheerios and grapes. Also let’s add orange pop to the mix. Although I’ve only caved ONCE to orange pop. I try not to drink any pop.

Food aversions: Chicken. I went to Chick-Fil-A the other day and only ate fries and lemonade:)

Symptoms: I am feeling great!

Movement: None.

Gender: Unknown.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting more and more of a baby bump. I feel like I’m finally starting to show. Only a little, but I think it’s there. It’s exciting and makes this feel more real overall.

What I’m nervous about: Nada.

What I miss: My family.

Next appointment: Friday, April 26th.



P.S. Eric wanted a picture this week too:)  Here is my handsome husband in all his glory!


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