Morning Sickness?

I always try to do my workouts the first thing in the morning because it really gets my day going on the right foot.  Plus, with my job, I typically get home around 7:30pm, so there would be no way I would have energy for exercise that late in the day after working long hours.  Well, I just returned home from my morning workout….and I’m feeling awful this morning.  While doing a 45 minute cardio session on the arc trainer, I had waves of nausia that would come and go.  I also have a raging headache on the front left side of my forehead.  Great.

Could it be morning sickness?  I haven’t thrown up yet, and I’m hoping I don’t.  To be honest, having three months of morning sickness scares me a little more than the actual birth scares me!  I guess we will see if it develops into anything.

I mentioned before wanting to tell our families in person about our news.  We will see my family in Indiana at the beginning of March.  And I just booked our airfare to Las Vegas for early-mid March to visit Eric’s family.  I am so glad we will be able to share our great news in person!  Plus, my childhood best friend now lives in Vegas and is due with her first baby in early March.  I hope that I will get to see her and her little baby when we are there.

Now off to work.  Hopefully today isn’t a puke-y day:)


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